Young People are Stupid

{don’t read this if you haven’t watched this week’s episode….}

Ok. So can we TALK about tribal council??  I’m watching it again as I type this. Because there is so many elements to this train wreck I want to make sure I get them right.

Well, let me start with how I was annoyed with the one lady {ya know, an older person} for being 12 and putting mud in $1600 shoes and dumping them in the water.  But, more importantly – WHO THE HELL BRINGS $1600 SHOES ON SURVIVER! Oy.

So, tribal council. Most often they’re drama filled, sometimes uneventful, but for the most part – fun. I know Jeff loves it. You can tell he loves to ask the questions to find the cracks in the group. Sometimes other tribe mates observe, and some partake.  So, society always thinks young people are stupid, ignorant, naive. whatever.  Most times, younger folks want to challenge this stereotypes. But apparently, the group of “kids” on this show don’t really want to do this.  15 seconds in, Shannon unleashes on Jeff about Chase and his “girlfriend.”  And then Chase tries to CLEAR it up by TELLING them all he’s on 2 alliances. Who does that??? Wow. 1 minute in and one guy already talks about his alliances.  And Shannon keeps rambling. Keeps Rambling.  Brenda plays the doe-eyed innocent girl.  And then STABS Shannon in the back saying no one trusts him. Causing Shannon to wig out and ask most the tribe if they like him & trust him. Jeff catches this, says basically STFU and no. he keeps going. Then Shannon turns around and calls/questions/accuses Sash of being gay. Wait what? Come again? Who does that? And then continues to act like an ignorant moron and says New York is full of gay people. Wow. You just won yourself a one way ticket to Hell. Seriously dude. Douchebag.

Fabio tries to get him to shut up, and then Jeff calls HIM out saying your tribe isn’t what you think it is.  Finally Jeff gets back into questioning and doing his usual tribal council thing. Good job Jeff. UNTIL Nayonka starts talking, Jeff tells her she’s in the same tree as Fabio and SHE flips out! Miss Diva with an Attitude.  2 snaps in a Z formation!  Why do these people not get you can’t just air your shit out! You’re in a contest folks! Trying to win a MILLION dollars.

Then Fabio & Nayonka wanna vote, ask Jeff. But nope. Jeff’s not done yet. He wants more answers. Thank god Kelly B is normal and answers like a normal human being. Thank god for her.  Fabio, Shannon, Nayonka & Chase all need to take notes from that girl.

Brenda ~ Shannon ~ Brenda ~ Shannon.  Who is it?  NO SHOCKER. Shannon. Buh-bye. Don’t let a rattler bite your ignorant ass on the way back to the main island.

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