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Write the Word Bible Journals

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Just before New Years, while nursing Ryan, I was checking out social media and stumbled on a post from Lara Casey about a new product.  I clicked over and read her post about her new products called Write The Word Journals.  The journals were on pre-order and I went back and forth if I should buy them.  I decided to think about my goals for 2016.

Write the Word Bible Journals

Stay In The Word

While I was pregnant with Ryan, I started attending Bible study again.  I didn’t realize how much I missed it.  But after he was born,  the logistics was just too much to coordinate and I knew I needed to skip a class.  I wanted to find a way to still stay disciplined without being stressed out.

I can’t tell you how many times I had all intention to just pick a book in the bible and just read it.  But, I kept getting hung up on finding the perfect book for my place in life.  I’d spend more time being frustrated and I just needed to simplify things.

Focus on Finding Me Time

I shared about how I figured out where to find my “me time” – wake up earlier.  I really didn’t enjoy it on the nights when Ryan was anti-sleep.  Going back to not stressing myself out – some mornings it just didn’t happen.  I refused to beat myself up over it.  But on the mornings I was up and in the living room by 6:30, I’d grab a cup of coffee and my Write The Word Journal. I started with the Teal one– 100 pages total that involved 50 verses and 50 reflection pages.


write the word review

The left side of the open layout was the verse prompt.  I’d write it out, and the right side was reserved for journal entries.  Some days I’d reflect on the verse.  Some days I’d just reflect on life.  Some days I’d write out my prayer for the day – which usually matched up to when parenting was getting rough and I just didn’t know how to discover more patience.

I started this journal at the beginning of February.  I finished it up just over 3 months after I start.  Initially I was just going to buy the first volume.  But, I decided to pick up the 3 volume set for the additional savings ($5 when all 3 are purchased, plus saving on the shipping each time I would need to order the next volume).

write the word review

I asked on Instagram what should I do with these once I’m done.  Megan came up with a brilliant idea.  Write them, save them, burn them (well, that’s her condensed version).  Not burn them in the angry break-up-mad-at-your-ex bonfire way – but a release of any worries and giving it all up to release yourself from what  I cling to.  Actually I should write out what she said cuz it’s so much more awesome.

….Make a big deal to yourself about honoring that connection to God and the fact that Jesus understands the difference between the thoughts that impose themselves and what you really cling to.  Then set them on fire and trust that what’s God-honoring returns the Him and is fruitful, and what was garbage is gone.

Amazing right?


I’ve used up all three of my journals – and it took me quite some time.  I was finally able to dive back in to a few bible studies at our church – but I just enjoy doing these Write The Word journals SO much.  Cultivate What Matters just launched new editions – 5 total – with different focuses of study.

Faith  *  Gratitude  *  Hope  *  Joy  *  Renewal

Write the Word Bible Journals

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