Wrapping up 2014

I have a lot to update on – I love the holidays but that means very little time near a computer.  Christmas is spread out over 3 days to encompass time with all of our family.  Plus there’s the sorting of new toys, and bundling up of old toys for donation.  We still are working on clearing out our garage so I can tackle the next project – Aubrey’s Big Girl Bed -and again, less time near a computer.

But I did grab some really cute photos of the kids on my camera that I have to share.  But for now, wanting to wish you a great belated Merry Christmas and a super safe New Year! Most likely won’t be posting until 2015 so I hope you’re enjoying your family too!


Unlike Christmases past, I remembered to get a family photo before we left. We forgot yesterday. Oops.

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