Wordy Wednesday – A Me Day

On Twitter I’m quite vocal about when things are going  good, and when things are not going good.  It’s hard juggling 2 under 2 and keeping the house “ok” and grocery shopping, and running a small business.  Oh, and blogging.  I’m 7 1/2 weeks into having these two sweet babies but every now and then I just need a bit of Me time.  It started with my awesome mother-in-law saying I should go and do something by myself.  She said I could leave both kids with her, or we could split them up and have my mom watch one and she would watch another.  I told Jon and he said that was a great idea. I told my mom and she said the same thing.  Uh, I guess maybe they can tell I’m not always keeping it together.

Yes, I have had my moments.  So, with both moms on board, I picked a day and planned out what I would do.  Well, actually first I went to Instagram asking other moms what they’d do with 2-3 hours free.  The most popular choices were a) go to a movie. b) get a beauty treatment (massage & pedicure were the popular options) c) take a long bubble bath. I didn’t want to spend the time in a bubble bath since I could do that after the kids went to bed (ha) and the money for a massage isn’t really in our budget at the time.  But the movie? That I could do.

Just one problem – I’ve NEVER been to a movie alone and I was quite scared. Dumb, I know.  But, I decided to brave it.  Here’s my morning for my Me Day!

wordy wednesday - a me day - melissadell

Kids are still asleep. Got my shower in, and working on getting ready.wordy wednesday - a me day - melissadell

Someone woke up just as I was done with my hair. Great timing little boo!

wordy wednesday - a me day - melissadell

Grabbed all I needed and loaded both littles into the car to head to my mom’s.

wordy wednesday - a me day - melissadell

Hung out at my mom’s for a bit and had breakfast (french toast – yum!)

wordy wednesday - a me day - melissadell

Went to a much-needed chiro appointment.  Brought Luke since I needed to take him to my mother-in-laws.  He started crying half way through the adjustment but the chiro’s wife was plenty happy to hold him for a bit.

wordy wednesday - a me day - melissadell

After dropping Luke off (well, nursing him first) I went to the Post Office to drop off some packages, hit up Smart & Final to grab a Dr. Pepper & some Gummy Bears, then went to Del Taco for some grub for the movie.  Yes, I packed a lunch for the movie.

wordy wednesday - a me day - melissadell

Got my ticket a bit late, but no worries. They were just starting the previews as I walked in.

So the best part? I LITERALLY went to a movie BY MYSELF.  As in, no one else was in the theater.  I laughed my butt off and enjoyed my tacos and my Dr. Pepper.  It is a hilarious movie and I can’t wait to grab it at RedBox when it’s there later on.  Jon will love it too!

After the movie I went back to pick up Luke and headed home.  My mom kept Aubrey until Jon got off work.  I truly enjoyed the time alone and hope to get one more in before I head back to work next month!

Thank you Mom & Rosemary for watching the babies!


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    I *LOVE* going to movies alone. It’s like therapy. No emails, no phone, no texts, no work — you have to sit there and pay attention to something for two hours. It’s marvelous.

  2. says

    How awesome, I’ve gone to several movies alone and it was great! LOL! They were movies my husband would never want to go see anyway but not having to share my popcorn or take anyone to the potty mid-movie was really amazing! By the way, I love your blog theme 😉

    • says

      I rarely even GET to the movies. But yes not having to share or anything was great! Aubrey is still too young for the movies so haven’t had to experience the mid movie potty break. And love yours too 🙂

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