Coffee & Pastries – Whole Foods Market Catering


Ever since I read Heartbreak Cake, I thought how fun it would be to learn how to bake such amazing treats.  Even more fun would be to have a party, and serve to all my guests.  I’d watch them ooh and ahhh over the croissants and comment on how amazing they tasted.  I’d imagine my kitchen and the scents of butter and bread.  And then I wake up and realize I do not have the time nor patience to attempt to create such masterpieces.  I’d much rather buy them and let someone else do the work.

Coffee & Pastries - Whole Foods Market Catering

Ever since I wandered into Whole Foods Market and saw their cronut and other pastries, I wondered if you can order them for parties.  Well, you can.  You actually can order quite a bit of options online from their catering selection for lunches, dinners, and my favorite meal – Breakfast.

Coffee & Pastries - Whole Foods Market Catering


I called the day before a SoCal Lady Bloggers workshop to place the order for treats for the morning.  You let them know what you’d like, what time to pick up, and it will all be waiting for you – ready to go.  I spoke with our bakery department to pick out what types of treats they had available for the breakfast mini pastries and chose croissants drizzled with chocolate, croissants FILLED with chocolate (and more on top) and two types of scones.  And after learning about the Allegro coffee from our Mother’s Day Brunch, I grabbed the combo pack as well.

Coffee & Pastries - Whole Foods Market Catering

Coffee & Pastries - Whole Foods Market Catering

We had plenty of options for our guests and I might have tried all of the pastry choices. My those croissants drizzled with chocolate are devine.   Check with your local Whole Foods Market to see what options you can order ahead of time for your next party, book club date, or work meeting!

Thank you Whole Foods Market for treating our bloggers to coffee & breakfast! 

Coffee & Pastries - Whole Foods Market Catering



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    Being Pescaterian AND gluten free, Whole Foods is most definitely my favorite place to shop (on payday or with AmEx, haha!). I had no idea til now you can get them to cater; would be perfect for a wedding or work party!! Great post girl 🙂

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    I had no idea their prices for catering were so affordable. Definitely an option to keep in mind for morning parties! Thanks for the tip.

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