Where did I go? I dunno

So apparently, I’ve fallen way behind with blogging about this pregnancy.  And by “way behind” i mean a few weeks. I’m not sure what happened. I registered, and then fell off the face of the earth. I’ve still been {hopefully} entertaining you with my belly pics.  Since then I’ve been tweaking the registries, working on gathering all the addresses for the showers, and only have about 5 left to find/get.  Wahoo! I just finished the design process with Katrina from TCK Design Studio for the invites, inserts, thank yous, everything for the family shower.  My friends are planning the friend one, and I have no idea what they have going on.  For these invites, I wanted to use the colors of the nursery {pics coming soon PROMISE!} of green, brown and white, and also pink. Because hello, Baby A is a girl! And I’m also slightly obsessed with Chevron stripes. That’s the zig-zag pattern you see in the background of this blog.

Once the invites go out, I’ll be sure to post some photos. I’m really excited for them to go out. I was VERY involved with my wedding invites – a bit obsessive if you ask anyone – and did them all myself and just needed them to be perfect. So I needed to do something for Baby A’s stuff. lol.

More news.  Our house shuffle is DONE! We got about 90% of it done during the 4th of July weekend and since then working to finish the last 10%.  Last weekend I worked on re-organizing the BDD half of the closet in the nursery to fit more in there.  I’m still not 100% in love with it {read: I have more crap that needs a place to be shoved} but that might involve me going out to buy longer shelves from Lowes. I was just working with what we had but I think I need them bigger. Sigh. Never ending I tell you!

I designed the wall decals to go up, and once I get those back I will put them up and GLADLY take and post pics. A nursery reveal! Swoon.  I was sitting on the glider in there Sunday night and told Jon just how happy I am that we went through all this work to give Baby A a place of her own.  Ok sure she’s sharing it with me, but, ya know.  We’re making lemon drop martinis with the lemons we got in life! Ok, more like lemonade. Eventually a lemon drop!

So that is all. I promise I will NOT be a stranger like I have been. Want proof? Ok. Baby A is now 27 1/2 weeks. Friday I’ll be in my THIRD TRIMESTER! she’s currently the size of a head of cauliflower. But I’m confused because those are small. I wonder if it includes the stem? Length is about 17″ which means she won’t be growing much longer, but from now on will be filling out! Let’s get that girl some chubby cheeks!


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    Chevron stripes are so hot right now. Also, I can’t believe you’re already going to be third-tri. Grow, baby A, grow!

    Side note: your leave a comment is a little confusing…I assume the guy icon is name, letter is email and arrow is website? I wonder if there is a way that if you scroll the mouse over the icon it can display “email,” “website,” etc…that way it will clarify but you can also maintain your design…

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