Where In The Parenting Handbook Is The Threenager Warning


Aubrey at her first bday party

Did you read a lot of baby books and parenting books during your pregnancy?  I read through a few.  None of them warned me about  Threenagers.  Yes, it’s a thing.  Apparently sometime after your sweet toddler becomes a three-year-old, something, at some point in that year, changes and they become a Threenager.  Little things upset them.  Not wanting to wear those pajamas, water touching their face (while IN the bathtub), wanting their siblings’ toys, then not wanting that toy.  It’s a crazy cycle and some days I just wonder how we will make it to the next.  We’ve spent some evenings with just a constant amount of sounds coming from Aubrey – mixture of crying, jibberish through screams, and some animal type yells.  On those nights, I will really do whatever it takes to just have my sweet little girl back.


Aubrey playing guitar with Daddy – 19 months old

I’ve asked around, even posted on Facebook to see if it’s just Aubrey that is having this hard time.  Nope – most agreed that yes, their child has become a Threenager. We all agree we are a bit nervous for when these little ones become actual toddlers.  I don’t remember being three.  I’m sure it was hard, but sometimes, it seems as if the tiniest thing is just enough to set off an epic meltdown.  So far, they’ve only occurred at home.  But I know the time is coming for us to witness one out in public.  How do you deal? I have no idea. Lots of praying and searching for patience.  I think the most frustrating thing for me as a mom is knowing she knows better.  She’s a brilliant child and we’ve always been able to reason with her.  I’ve seen those little wheels spinning in her head as she’s processed something we’ve told her.  She’s a smart cookie.


Aubrey and Luke – Aubrey 2.5 years old

So back to the title of this post – where were the warnings about Threenagers?  Where are the top 5 tricks to dealing with a threenager on Buzzfeed?  Where’s the cliff-notes to navigating the Threes with dignity?  I guess until the mystery is solved, you’ll just find me on Facebook, at 8pm, exhausted after getting them both to bed.  And I might just have a glass of wine 🙂


Aubrey – 3 years old


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    You are sooo right. Ny daughter’s worst tantrum happened when she was 3. Keep heart… They do outgrow it (if you don’t strangle them before!)

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    Good luck. Mi e turned four and it got worse. I suppose this is why our parents can’t recall this phase of life…we will probably black it out lol

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