When To Speak Up or Hush Up With First Time Moms

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Last summer, my sister shared with us the news that she was expecting her first baby.  I was so excited and wanted to share ALL.THE.THINGS.  Being a three-time mom (and blogger) means I’ve had lots of opportunities to come across some amazing products – and also some flops.  I wanted her to use her money in the best means possible and not over spend on products.  I also have experienced so many pieces of advice from others that I had a lot to share there too.


That means it’s the chance for her to experience things for herself – to discover what she liked and didn’t like.  To experience her own trials and errors.  But, being the big sister that I am, I still couldn’t resist from some pieces of information.  So take note, first time moms!


My third. Her first.

Invest In A Great Stroller

When we were expecting Aubrey, we found an amazing deal on an UppaBaby Vista stroller at Costco.  When we found out we were expecting Luke, we sold it, and bought a Baby Jogger City Select.  Shortly after I received the Maxi-Cosi Kaia and we sold the City Select double to a friend and we thought -AWESOME! NO MORE BABIES!

Aaaand then we found out about Ryan and I didn’t have a Maxi-Cosi infant seat.  My friend sold me her UppaBaby Cruz and Jon actually told my sis how much he realized he missed our UppaBaby stroller.  He told her how much easier it handled and having it come from him (I think) meant more than if it came from me (Good job Jon!).

Capture Memories

With each baby, the amount of iPhone photos outweighed the photos captured by my DSLR.  This was mainly due to the size and the love for my 50mm lens.  I had to get really far from the babies and it’s not the best option for those subjects.  iPhones are great – but there’s something to be said for using an actual camera.  I purchased a new one at the end of last year and she purchased hers shortly after.  It is a great camera for beginners and it captures video wonderfully!  The Canon G7x also has an app with wifi capabilities to easily transfer photos without plugging it into a camera.

Take Professional Photos

Yes, even with having a great camera – there’s something to be said for having professional photos taken of your family.  We do our annual photos and have also done it for each of the kids’ first birthdays.  My sis set up her newborn photos for my niece for a few days after her birth.  The  best window is within the first 10 days as after the 10 days – the babies can start to have baby acne pop up as well as peeling skin.

Send Out Birth Announcements (even if it’s tied to a Christmas card!)

With each of our babies – we’ve ordered birth announcements.  Everyone loves to have something special arrive in the mail after the birth of a brand new baby! (well, at least I do! I’ve kept all of them!)  Aubrey’s announcement I created on my own.  Luke’s was a hybrid of an easy layout and an established card.  Ryan’s was a predesigned one.  See – you take shortcuts with the more kids you have.   Basic Invite contacted me to see if I’d like to use their easy online service to order cards.  I love sharing opportunities and since babies are expensive – figured this would be a  great gift for my sister.  Once she received her professional photos, she went through a few of the options and selected a double-sided birth announcement with the availability to add in 6 of her photos.

Basic Invite - Custom Birth Announcements

What She Loved

I asked her what she thought of the whole process.  Her top three things were

  • Ability to change almost every color option – from the fonts to the line separators
  • Order a sample announcement/invitation
  • Options for all budgets

basic Invite - paper selection

Jennifer wanted to make sure that the colors she saw on her computer matched the look she was looking for in the announcement.  She had a very specific lavender to match the nursery.  She loved the sample option as she saw not only what her specific invitation would look like – but they also included a variety of paper samples and a color print card to show the true colors if she changed them later to something else.  It was pretty awesome (I had her bring it by the house to show me).

Basic Invite now offers wedding invitations with gold foiling! Really hoping this is incorporated with holiday cards because I love having glitz and glam on ours!

(And totally off-topic, but these printable baby mad libs are SO CUTE for baby showers!)

What advice have you given – and what have you hushed up about?



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Thank you Basic Invite for providing my sister with her daughter’s birth announcements! 


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