What’s Cookin?? 1*11

This isn’t technically dinner.  That’s why I couldn’t do “What’s for Dinner.”  But this is something I’ve been wanting to try. 

When I started my recipe search before the end of the year, I wanted to be adventurous and cook my own beans.  I read online different methods, but alas, I do not have a pressure cooker. Plus, it seems dangerous. LOL. I’ve watched Top Chef!!  But I did find this recipe on how to make your own black beans. And what I realized today, is that while she was posting that blog, I was getting married. HA!

So, I bought 2 lbs of dry beans yesterday at the store, soaked them overnight and WOW. I’m glad I have that larger cooker.  Her recipe calls for 1lb in a 4 qt cooker. I did 2lbs in a 6.5. Maybe not the best idea, but I hope it works out.  And I didn’t add anything, which maybe I should have. I’ll know for next time. I really just wanted to cook the beans.  I’m hoping that doing it myself helps lower the sodium or preservatives that are normally found in the canned versions of beans.  Stay tuned for an update later on!


Well, when I came home last night, I sure did have a lot of cooked beans!  In the recipe, it explains once they’re done & cooled, to serve in baggies 1 2/3 cup portions to freeze (up to 6 months) or keep in the fridge (up to a week).  After first having some for dinner for Jon and I, I STILL had 10 bags served up!  If you do the math – $2 was spent on dry beans.  Each can of black beans is usually on sale for $1.  So I saved $9 making beans! ha ha! I like that math.

Next time I will definitely add some sea salt and cumin to the mix before cooking all day.

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