Welcoming 2013

Happy New Year! There’s something about starting a brand new year.  Some folks complain about the end of a year because it sucked.  I did that in 2010.

goodbye 2010

Starting fresh can mean a new outlook, attitude, new job, new beginnings.  2010 was really REALLY hard for my family and me.  When the book closed on that one, I was slightly relieved. There was a gray cloud hanging over most of the year.  It did allow for opportunities for self reflection and growth, but sometimes starting the calendar with January just brings an instant freshness.  This was one of my first posts for 2011:

Hello 2011

2 weeks after that post was created, I found out I was pregnant. Talk about a great new beginning for a new year!  It helped brighten the year and 2011 DID end up becoming truly incredible.  I loved almost every bit of my pregnancy (morning sickness sucks no matter how cheerful and upbeat a person you are), I got the first opportunity to Bling out a Mixer, we welcomed Aubrey into our life and had our first Christmas with our tiny bundle of joy.

And when 2012 came around, Jon and I set forth with the same mindset as 2012.  We started going to church regularly, focused on opening up our communication with each other, we started a new business, and the year completed with 8 more mixer orders.  Things just seemed so fantastic.  How can 2013 compete?

Well, here’s one way.

Only Child Expiring July 2013

That’s right! Jon and I are blessed with a new arrival coming July 2013!!!  I truly say it’s a blessing, a gift, as we weren’t trying, or planning, or anything. It just happened. And after all the months of trying with Aubrey, the heartache and disappointment each month, the medications I went on, the miscarriage, there’s just something truly amazing by taking a test and having 2 little lines pop up with no expectations. WOW!

So, feel free to join me on this new pregnancy journey! I’m 12 weeks currently, and I have already started documenting my belly growth like I did with Aubrey.  I feel like I’m already showing about 3 weeks sooner than I did with her. Yikes!  We will be finding out what we’ll be having in February. This crazy girl can’t wait till birth to find out! I am a planner at heart 🙂

So, let’s all welcome 2013 with the same enthusiasm that we do each year, but let’s keep that enthusiasm going throughout the upcoming months, shall we??


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    Congratulations! It’s blog-official. I love that you’re using a maternity dress for your pics already – it is so loose this early!

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    I guess now official congratulations are in order! You look quite wonderful and I’m even more thrilled for you after reading that getting pregnant the first time was difficult.

    Happy 2013 to you fellow Melissa. Hope we get the chance to talk at a restaurant (or other event) sometime soon!

    PS – Love your site design.

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