Welcome Back To Los Angeles

Growing up, were you fans of a team because of those that influenced you? Probably me. I mean, we were, after all, small kids.  I remember watching the LA Lakers with my dad and I remember one of the shirts we had (ya know, those huge adult ones that we tried to wear but it ended up just being a PJ shirt?) that had some of the all stars back in the day on them.  Of course it was yellow too.

I remember heading out to Dodger games and screaming at the top of my lungs Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaryl.  Daaaaaaaaaaaaaryl.  Just like all the other fans around us, enjoying peanuts & chocolate malts.

But know what I don’t remember? The LA Rams.  I think it was because my dad was a huge baseball & basketball fan.  When I started watching football – which was after Jon and I were married and joined a pick’em league – I searched to find a team to anchor to.  Most years it was the Saints.  It was after Hurricane Katrina and I just loved the spirit that team was trying to maintain for their hometown.

But, now that LA has their home team again, I’m all in.  I’m ready for the Rams to do something amazing!

And, of course I got a LuLaRoe shirt to wear on game day 🙂


Win or lose, it’s good to have some football back in Los Angeles!  Let’s go LA Rams!

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