Virtual Shopping Buddy

We live in the age of technology. And I live in the age of early nights. Aubrey is in bed by 8 so it doesn’t give me too many opportunities to take a night out for shopping with girlfriends. And in 2 weeks I depart with my best bargain shopper friend, MJ. And even though we can’t get a lot of time out shopping to prepare for BlogHer, we each have one thing – cell phones!!

Whenever we find ourselves out and about, shopping, we send pictures to each other with items. Last night I went to Target after Aubrey went to sleep with a lost of things to buy for the house – and BlogHer. I needed to shop for a notebook since MJ and I decided we are going techie – and old school – to take notes for everything. And what’s a trip to Target without checking out the clothes?? Here are some of the photos I sent MJ to be my Virtual Shopping Buddy!!


I also HAD to buy some colored pens!!


That owl is a LONG twisty eraser!!


That bottom photo was to show her all the “blingy” items at Target!

And then tonight she hit up TJ Maxx and the Target near her. I got some photos and I asked her to check on a Deux Lux bag. I love hers and wanted one! Sadly there was only one option and I didn’t like. So I decided to make a quick trip to my TJ Maxx with Aubrey before her bed time to make a return AND check out some things. Oh wow did I score!!


Here are some pics. And my lovely assistant Aubrey!


I LOVE me some patterns. But you’ll have to wait till BlogHer to see what I got! Follow me on Instagram – @melissa_dell to see my #OOTD (outfits of the day)

Oh and I scored 2 Deux Lux bags!! (and so did MJ! Well – one for her)


  1. says

    What an adorable assistant you have there πŸ˜‰ Well, I am on the hunt for cute hospital, I mean travel bags…because none of the ones I already own will do. LOL

    • says

      Awww thanks Miriam! And ya we ended up using our overnight bag and a few random totes. But those Deux Lux huge carry apps are awesome!! Check your local TJ maxx!!!

  2. Kristan HInze says

    Love the dresses you tried on, hope you went with several of them. πŸ™‚ BTW, you bought my favorite pens.

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