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Raise your hand if this is your view in the middle of the night



You know, for some reason or another, you wake up, stare, and keep thinking about the time that passed and how you hope to fall asleep soon.  I had that sort of insomnia while pregnant with Aubrey. I remember the last few months just laying there,  totally uncomfortable for more than one reason, and eventually would get up, and walk around.  It didn’t help that our mattress was also old.  I would hear when Jon would get out of bed and vice versa. We woke each other up, a lot.

When Luke was born, I no longer had that mid-night wide-awake time, but instead short bursts of sleep where I just would pray to sleep soundly for the short amount of time (whether it was 2, 3, or 4 hours. Sigh.) Who doesn’t want the best sleep possible? For most people, you get 8 hours.  I can’t wait for that to happen with Luke.  So when I am asleep, I want to REALLY enjoy the time I have in bed.

I am so grateful that Simmons provided me the opportunity to receive their newest mattress – Beautyrest Black.  It’s so fancy. It’s big, won’t deny it – I have to take a tiny “hop” up to get on it (yes, I’m a bit on the short side at 5’3″).  But once you’re in it? Super comfy.  I felt like my body was hugged by one thousand super sized marshmallows.  It’s firm, but supports every bit of your body.  Whether you are lucky enough to have 8 hours straight of sleep, or choppier bits like me, this mattress will help you wake up feeling better. See more with this really sexy commercial:

Awesome, right?  Read more details through Beautyrest’s website and find your local retailer.

Thank you Simmons & Conde Nast for Upgrading My Sleep!

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