Yesterday Jon and I attended a wedding for 2 of our friends out in the almost unincorporated area of Agoura Hills. On the way, there is an unexpected surprise.  It’s not your traditional mailbox.  It’s what you expect to have seen many years ago. And by the looks of them, they could have originally been installed years ago!  I don’t know which I like better. But here’s what I snapped:

Which do you prefer? And do you not LOVE them all??? I do. I want one!


  1. Casey says

    I just stumbled across this! I loved them too, we took our engagements pictures with them, since we knew the valet would be blocking them for the wedding pictures 🙂 I am OBSESSED with them, even though I drive by them everyday, I still stare at them every time! I asked David about the swimming sign when I first saw it and I guess it’s to indicate to the fire dept. that there is a pool at that address. hahaha

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