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Here we are, two weeks in to life with Ryan.  It’s always funny how looking back, you don’t really remember life without a child.  It seems as if he’s always been here, despite the entire length of pregnancy and the last few weeks that really tested endurance at times.  He reminds Jon and I so much of Aubrey, but I’ve not been able to truly find a great side-by-side comparison for photos.   His temperament also is so similar to Aubrey.  Before I had him, I was hesitant to make any plans or commitments since I wasn’t sure how he would be.  But, within the past two weeks I’ve realized he really is just a chill baby and sleeps well in terms of newborn standards.

What’s a typical day like?  Jon is up around 6 and gets ready for work.  Ryan starts stirring around 6:30 and the big kids are already up – either in Grammie’s room watching tv, or trying to break into our room, or playing in their room.  I muster energy to get up and leave Ryan in the room while Jon finishes getting ready.  I try to get the big kids dressed by 7 and get them started on breakfast (cereal, then a breakfast bar – always).  While they’re eating, I get Ryan up and get him ready to have his first feeding.

He’s doing well with nursing.  We had his 2 week checkup on the 3rd and he’s up 1 oz from his birth weight. yay!  He typically nurses on the first side for about 15 minutes and then burps and then the 2nd side for about 5 minutes.  I pass him off to my mom and then I get dressed (I so use that term loosely) for preschool drop off for Aubrey.  I try to leave our house by 8 but sometimes it’s a little later. Her preschool is a 5 minute drive so i’m typically home before 8:20.

When I get back, Luke’s typically made a mess of the living room already pulling out all the toys from our Ikea Expedit shelf in the living room.  We have cubby bins so it’s easy to contain (read: Hide) the mess.  I really need to go through and purge/donate old toys in there. And find the broken ones. My mom and I take turns holding Ryan and getting something done in the house – laundry, showers, eating, etc.

Ryan eats again around 9:30 or so, and sometimes stays awake, sometimes passes out on us. I totally don’t mind him sleeping on me. He sleeps well on his own so I know I’m not “spoiling” him.

Lunch around here starts about 11:30 to get it made and coax Luke into clean up.  It’s also when Ryan is ready to eat again and usually after this I put him down for an actual nap in our room.  We have the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper (affiliate link) and of course our Rock n Play (affiliate link) to trade his sleeps in.  He sleeps longer in the Rock n Play, but I want him to also sleep flat since his crib isn’t inclined when we transition him to that down the road.

We also have been using our Ollie World Swaddle blanket that they sent us.  My friend Nina shared her love for them earlier and it truly is amazing. Hindi sent me a blue and a pink one since we didn’t know what we were having.  I gifted the pink one to a friend who had her daughter the day after Ryan was born.  She said her daughter Sadie is sleeping 1 to 1.5 hours longer with it.  They’re launching their new color collection in 2016 but they do have a few pink ones available on Amazon!

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Ryan’s nap lasts a few hours and then it’s more feedings, snuggles, and hanging out.  Luke goes down for his nap around 12:45 and is up anywhere from 3-4pm.  I leave around 4:45 to pick Aubrey up from preschool and we eat dinner around 5:30.  The big kids bathe by 6:45 and Ryan hangs out with whatever adult is free (Jon, me or my mom).  Big kids are in bed by 7:45 and Ryan usually has a feeding shortly after that.  Sometimes I put him down if he’s passed out and sometimes we snuggle, or my mom snuggles with him.  Almost all of Jon’s evenings are spent doing homework.  He gets some snuggles in every now and then.

I do one last “feeding” around 9:30 and put him down and by time I finish up whatever I have to do, I try to be in bed by 10:30.  He wakes up around 2:30 to eat again and then we start our day all over again around 6:30.

It’s a crazy time and while the big kids love him, it’s also a huge transition and the one on one time with Luke isn’t as numerous as before.  They’re each testing their own limits with us and while I’d love to say I’m handling it with awesome grace, no.  It’s hard for everyone and I know we’ll figure out our new normal soon.



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    Oh my gosh I am so jealous that you are only getting up once a night to feed your newborn!!! Congrats on the chill baby, I hope Ryan keeps it up!

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