Trying New Things for Date Night

Last week, on Thursday, my mom was over and she was talking about having a sleep over with Aubrey.   I don’t recall when the last one was, but I said “hey, what about tomorrow?”  And so, the last minute date planning began.

With Aubrey away at my mom’s for an overnight adventure, and my in-laws watching Luke for a few hours, Jon and I hit up one of our favorite places in our town for Thai food.  Since the move, we haven’t ventured over there and I don’t recall the last time we ate there without any kids.  It was heaven.  We enjoyed our Thai beers, our Thai food, and chatting with the owner.  He’s an incredibly sweet man that remembers the names of all the patrons.  He said we looked good, and needed to eat more food. LOL.

I had asked on a Facebook Group about what we should do after for a Friday night.  We initially thought about seeing a movie, but the options were truly awful.  The suggestions from the group included a local brewery taproom, 2 different live performances, a comedy club, and a few wine bars.  We discussed the options over dinner and realized we really just wanted to be able to have a relaxing time and chat, since that hasn’t happened often between his school schedule and noisy (but lovable) kids at dinner time.

So after paying the check we headed to a new cookie stop in our town – The D.W. Cookie Co.  This sweet little shop opened up recently and has been quite the buzz on our local Foodie Facebook Group. I haven’t been in that area to try it out and I was REALLY hoping they were open AND had cookies.  Happy to say yes to both.  Since it was our first time in there, the wonderful employee gave us a cookie to try out and also we tried their banana chip ice cream. HOLY AMAZINGNESS.  We bought a dozen different flavors to go and were also given a water since we bought 12.  Awesome!

The D.W. Cookie Co - Santa Clarita Valley

We then got back in the car and headed over to the Wolf Creek Brewery Tap Room with our cookies.  The Tap Room is a new concept as they already have a few restaurants in So Cal.  We actually had our rehearsal dinner at their Valencia location 6 years ago.   Jon had been to the Tap Room before and while the food options are minimal, the beer and wine makes up for it.  I tasted a few before settling on a darker brew Hef style and when we went out back – we saw what a great environment just happens around there.  A food truck was on site, a live band set up, and there were dozens of cars parked with tail gates open, chairs & tables set up for just an enjoyable evening.  Laid back, totally do your own thing.  Kids ran around playing and several different groups were just mingling. It was awesome.  We sat and talked and nibbled on the different varieties of cookies.

Wolf Creek Brewery Tap Room - Santa Clarita Valley CA

When we saw that it was 8:45 (they close at 9ish) we decided to beat the crowds and head back home.  We picked up Luke, put him to sleep, and we both decided to skip the series finale of Dexter and head to bed.  It was 9:30. Don’t judge.  It was truly awesome to have a few hours of conversation and we realized, while at Wolf Creek, we’re not exactly sure when the last time this happened.  Obviously, if we can’t remember, we need to make it more a priority.

And, for our budget, our whole date night was just around $65. Not bad for all we did!

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