Trying New Beauty Products (and how to save cash doing so)


Trying New Beauty Products

I shared that image on Instagram a few weeks ago.  As mentioned before, I dove head first into trying new beauty items after my birthday.  I don’t know why but it started with wanting to try a new makeup foundation.  My skin gets fairly dry during winter and I wanted a good foundation.  My friend Chris has been using the Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation for awhile (and recently switched to their BB cream for a lighter coverage.)   Oh and I guess it really started while watching a YouTube video from Long Story Short over these Tarte Kiss & Belle deluxe LipSurgence set.  That night I went on a bit of a shopping spree.  When I bought the first 2 things on Tarte’s site, I shared on Facebook.  Then Chris suggested I check QVC next time because they offer amazing sets and free items with the things you were already going to buy. So I went over there, and sure enough, their foundation set includes their Tarte brush – now I know for next time!  (But note that they only carry a few shades and not all from the entire line.)

So  then I spent way too much time searching because I had NO IDEA QVC was such a great spot for makeup!  I looked around and this Tarte FoundCealer and was amazed by the video they included. So, I added that to my cart (and was stoked for the free brush!!) and then wandered over and found these Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments.  When I was looking, they had a great duo pack that included one tinted treatment and then their clear smaller version.  I bought the Petal.  (which, apparently right now the don’t have in stock).

Once those packages came in, I was kind of overwhelmed. I shared this on Instagram.

So ya. It took me forever to slowly work my way through everything. But, I’m ready!  (I bought more since then, but I think this post is way too long so I’ll share that next week or so.  

Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation:  LOVE! At first I wasn’t sure about the coverage.  I didn’t have their brush (which Chris said is amazing) and I tried using the FoundCealer’s brush.  No dice.  So then I started using a stiple brush I had from Walmart and it’s ok.  I’m dying to try application with the actual brush.  Oh. I also bought this Latex Super Blender from Target. More on that in a bit.    I really recommend this coverage. I put some on the back of my hand (size of a giant pea) and then dot all over my face then blend in.

Tarte FoundCealer:  LIKE.  It’s ok.  I didn’t see this amazing coverage like they had on the QVC video.  It is whipped similar to the texture of the clay foundation, but slightly thicker.  I use it on my under eye circles a lot, and it tingles a bit.  I like to think it’s the clay working. lol.  I do like the brush but i find that the smaller angled one (which is for the areas I’m applying to) doesn’t allow for easy blending like the bigger one does.  The coverage is also lighter than the clay one. which could be good or bad depending what you’re looking for.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments: LOVE! I love love love the Petal color.  I feel like it’s the perfect amount of color and the moisturizing is AMAZING!  Whenever I apply the color, I was skeptical that my lips would still feel dry. I’ve tried other types of ‘mositurizing’ lip stuff and I still need something over it.  (I love EOS!).  But these handle it without it!  I keep the clear one by my bed and the Petal is always in my purse.

Tarte Kiss & Belle deluxe LipSurgence set: Undecided.  I am torn on these.  The coloring is very pigmented, some are matte and some glossy.  I haven’t found one I super loved and I always found myself reaching for the Petal Sugar stick.  I bet if I hadn’t bought that, I’d love a few of these.  I keep a few in my purse but I don’t reach for them nearly as often.

Target Latex Super Blender:  Learning to Love.  So when I first bought it, my friend Liz told me it’s supposed to be damp to use.  It took a YouTube video to REALLY understand what that meant.  Since using it properly, I super like it.  It blends well, and I haven’t ever seen the super fancy one from Sephora (the original beautyblender).  But I did find someone on YouTube comparing and this one seems to be ALMOST as squishy when wet.  But I love the application of the foundation with this over the brush so far.  And for $5, it was well worth it!

Now For The Money Saving Part

You’ll remember part of this post is about saving money.  Have you heard of Ebates? I had signed up ages ago, used it for a short bit, and then forgot about it.  But last year I remembered and installed their Chrome extension so it automatically pops up on any site you visit that has an Ebates Cash Back program.  I earned 10% back at Tarte and 2% back at QVC.  When I bought from Tarte, they also had a 20% off sale so I basically saved 30% off my entire purchase!  I got my Ebates Cash Back last month that covered the purchases in December and it was quite a bit! We used it a lot for our Christmas shopping too. Anyways, so feel free to sign up for Ebates, and add on their Chrome extension!   Check back in a bit for reviews on MORE makeup purchases I made! I told you, I went a bit overboard since turning 33!


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    I went paraben & sulfate free with my first pregnancy & love Tarte! You can try samples at Sephora too and then buy them somewhere cheaper. Thanks for the QVC tip & Happy Belated Birthday!

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