Trucks, Rocks, Oh My!

The kids and I were invited to the launch party for #StinkyAndDirty courtesy of Amazon Kids and KidzVuz.  Sharing with you my honest opinions, always. This post also contains affiliate links

stinky and dirty amazon video

Raise your hand if your kids know how to operate Amazon Video and explore new shows?  About a year ago (or longer!) Luke was searching around and found a pic of a trash truck and a digger.

stinky and dirty amazon video

The same episode has been playing in our home over, and over, and over.  I admire the kid for his loyalty and I voted for it to come back through Amazon Studios.  Luke was obsessed with the two main characters – Stinky (the trash truck) and Dirty (the digger aka backhoe loader).  And after over a year – new episodes will be available to Amazon Prime members on September 2nd through Amazon Videos (Don’t have prime –Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial)

After watching two of the new episodes (which feature special guest stars this season!) we headed outside to The Grove and the kids had an amazing time playing with trucks and rocks, and more.  Aubrey had some sincere dedication to working on excavating some special hidden treats.

stinky and dirty amazon video

I think this would be an amazing thing to have at a kid’s birthday party!  At the end of the day she ended up with a light pink gem and also took home the remainder of one she was working on (since Luke had a complete meltdown and screaming fit and we had to leave early :/)

stinky and dirty amazon video

That is Luke’s creation.  At home we’re always amazed by his packing/stacking skills with his mini cars and trucks.  To see this on a grander scale was kind of awesome.  Although this was when he had the meltdown because I told him he needed to keep toys available for the friends he was playing near.

So what is Stinky and Dirty about? It helps kids problem solve.  On the one episode you can view now – they have a huge boulder in the middle of the road blocking all traffic.  They try different scenarios to move it – which also includes asking friends for help.  In the end, they figure out how to chip it down into a round object and roll it away.  They also ask a lot of “What If” to get their creative juices flowing.  And if they can’t figure it out – they always know they can throw melons at their challenge! (no really, they throw melons a lot!)

All the new episodes feature a challenge they need to overcome.  You can catch the official trailer here.

And here’s our day at The Grove watching Luke’s favorite show!


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    Saw your post on ig and played it for my 3 yr old. Now Everyday he asks to see it!! He LOVES construction trucks and this show is perfect for him.

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