Top Maternity Picks

So here I am, quickly approaching THIRTY weeks – and I figured I’d do another round of top things I’ve enjoyed this pregnancy.  Some of it’s random. Some of it’s not.  So, here we go!

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Snoogle!!! This amazing pillow I bought literally a week after I found out I was pregnant. Pretty sure I’ve blogged about it before, or tweeted about it. But at 30 weeks, I still love it.  It helps me sleep well, and stay on my left side during the night.  A few times I’ve been away from home I figure I’ll just use extra pillows. SO NOT THE SAME THING.  I never did end up buying a cover for it. I do use a regular king sized pillow case around the top of it. It works. And I’m cheap.

What to Expect iPhone App – I downloaded this early on, mainly to help me keep track of what fruit Baby A was. It also tells me how far along I am, weekly updates on the baby, and also daily notes.  Some of the dailies are funny.  Some are for the Daddy.  And it’s just something quick and brief to read on my lunch break.  I have the whole What to Expect book but I honestly stopped reading it because I didn’t want to freak out on any symptoms I was or was not having.


Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter by Mama Mio – I’ll warn you – it has a hefty price tag. Much more than the cocoa butter one they sell at the drug store. But this stuff, AMAZING.  It smells delicious.  I bought a jar (skeptically) mid May.  It’s been over 2 months and I only apply it during the day (I want it to last so I use the drug store stuff at night. mainly because its smelly in a bad way) and I still have a good amount left. Maybe like 25%?  Now not sure if it’s genes or the butter (my vote could be on the genes) but I don’t have any stretch marks… yet?  Don’t want to jinx myself.  You can buy online, or directly at the Destination Maternity stores.  The moms that came up with it are from So Cal and they have some other products in their collection. But I only bought this. I just bought another jar to last me the remainder of the pregnancy, and also for after.  Because apparently you should use it as your stomach shrinks too?

Tummy Talk Pregnancy Journal – I had one of these with my first pregnancy, and was really mad that the company doesn’t have any sort of extra pages or something for those that have a miscarraige and have to “start over”.  But I loved the product too much to just not buy another one. Well, I actually didn’t buy another one. I was going to. But my friend Kat got one for me.  I love it because I can journal weekly, keep track of weight gain, doctor appointments, write letters to Baby A, and insert photos from the ultrasounds as well as a few from the baby shower and first pics after she’s born.  I won’t lie though – I have a hard time journaling EACH week. I usually write 3 or 4 at a time. Oops.  That reminds me……

Cozi Calendar – I didn’t start using this until later in my pregnancy, but it’s really a great function for all times!  I have it downloaded on my iPhone, iPad, and Jon’s iPhone.  It’s a family calendar (free!) that you can have 1 login for all the folks. So I can schedule my doctor appointments and Jon will see it, or he can schedule an outing he’s got, and I’ll see.  You can also set up email reminders. There’s still some things lacking in it, but it’s free, and it works, and no Jon can’t get mad that I forgot to tell him I scheduled us for something.  He can see it on his own!

So there you have it! What maternity things did you find useful during your pregnancy?  And what about after? Should I be buying anything now to use? Leave your tips in the comments!


  1. Kristan says

    Wish I would have known about the stretch mark cream!!

    FYI, iCal works the same as the calendar program you use.

  2. Aileen says

    I love my belly band! Still able to wear a lot of my pre-pregnancy pants & not have to invest too much $$$ on maternity clothes.

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