Top 5 Things To Consider When Dressing Your Baby With A Plagiocephaly Helmet

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top 5 things to consider when dressing your baby with a plagiocephaly helmet - carters #lovecarters

When Ryan was diagnosed with having Plagiocephaly (read about it here – short story is he was suffering from a flat head that was affecting other facial features),  I honestly had some initial thoughts that I think are pretty normal.  One was the thought of how much I would miss kissing his little bald spot on the back of his head and his forehead when we snuggled after he finished nursing.  Another was how the helmet might affect his positioning while breastfeeding and sleeping.  The very last thing I was thinking about was what he would wear or what would be the easiest clothing to use while he wore his plagiocephaly helmet 23 hours a day.

Luckily my mom thought ahead and purchased a few items to make dressing easier.  Since then we have added more Carter’s baby essentials to our collection.  I’m a sucker for all the cute animals and I absolutely love when they have something awesome on the backside of those little tushies.

one month update - Ryan's Helmet Plagiocephaly

Recent shopping date at Carter’s to stock up on some more summer items.  The front-buttoning crawlers are so easy to get on and off with his helmet.

At his first appointment, the technician helped bring some attention to clothing options.  After the first month, we’ve also realized what works best for us and I hope you find this useful too!  Just remember, the helmet is temporary and you’re doing a wonderful thing for your little one!

Top 5 Things To Consider When Dressing Your Baby With A Plagiocephaly Helmet


1. Wear Breathable Fabrics

top 5 things to consider when dressing your baby with a plagiocephaly helmet - carters #lovecarters SoCal is notorious for a smoldering summer.  Breathable fabrics such as the soft cotton Carter’s Little Baby Basics is known for will help with the temperature regulation by the little babies.  We snapped this pic during Ryan’s 1 hour break from his helmet.  Each day we take it off for an hour and clean the helmet, wash his skin, and give his body a break from the lightweight helmet. 2. Stock Up On Onesies The Original Bodysuit Do you remember that friend that told you about the super awesome function the fold-over neckline serves with onesies? (If you didn’t know – it’s to help take the onesie off going down vs over the head when you encounter an exploding diaper).  Well this is how we’ve actually gotten Ryan dressed.  We put on the onesie feet first and slip it up over his shoulders.  The neckline design helps get his arms in easily and there’s nothing more easy to throw on than a colorful Carter’s onesie! 3. Invest in Footless Pajamas  

top 5 things to consider when dressing your baby with a plagiocephaly helmet - carters #lovecarters


Night Night Little One!


Our technician reminded us that the 2 sources of heat release are through the baby’s head and feet.  Since the helmet covers most of his head (and, by the way, the amount of exposed skull varies depending on the needs of your child’s head to reshape), his feet should always be exposed to allow his body to remain at a more stable, comfortable temperature.  We have a fan circulating air in his room and we alternate between footless pajamas and long sleeve onesies for him to sleep in at night.  If you don’t have footless pajamas – we have had great success using button-up pjs and pull his feet out of them.


4. Dress Them Up In Button Down Rompers

top 5 things to consider when dressing your baby with a plagiocephaly helmet - carters #lovecarters

Everyone loves a good chambray!


 The little guys always look adorable in button down rompers!  Ryan has a few of these – but be mindful and purchase ones that have buttons that go almost down the entire front.  Some of the polo styles just have a few buttons and this won’t allow for easy dressing from the feet up (or, over the helmet).


5. Have Fun During The Helmet Free Hour!

top 5 things to consider when dressing your baby with a plagiocephaly helmet - carters #lovecarters

He’s a water baby!


We try to make the most out of his one hour break from his helmet.  Some times that’s a nap for him, but now with summer, it’s water play time!  Carter’s has great long-sleeve options for swim outfits to give an extra layer of protection for our little babies!  And he’s totally the Cutest Dude Ever!


Being the third baby, and second boy in our family, a lot of Ryan’s wardrobe are loving hand-me-downs from Luke and family friends.  So many of the Carter’s Pajamas, onesies, and rompers have held up great but it’s just nice to  buy him some of his own pieces!  Even better is with stackable savings through in-store sales and coupons!

Did your baby need to wear a Plagiocephaly helmet?  What tricks did you use to keep them cool?



  1. says

    Perfect timing for this post! I need to take the kids to Carter’s today for summer pajamas and a graduation dress for Sophia. This coupon will come in handy.

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts about plagiocephaly. They’ve been super informative.

  2. says

    Collin was actually fitted for his own helmet when he was a few months old. He was born with torticollis, where the neck muscle doesn’t form properly on one side, and it was causing plagiocephaly. We did intensive physical therapy and by the time his helmet was ready, his doctor no longer recommended it, but we were close to being members of the cool helmet club!

    This giveaway would be such a relief to win. We have FIVE kids to do back to school shopping for & this would be so helpful!

  3. says

    Walter was *this* close to needing a helmet. It really upset me to think about, but when I see pictures of you guys and Ryan, I don’t know why I was so emotional. He looks like a happy guy!

  4. says

    I cannot go to that store without getting a great deal – and always spend $100 or more! Yikes! I need to win! Also – I want to squeeze him! <3

  5. Stacy says

    Hey Melissa,

    We get our helmet on the 25th, I think. I don’t know how this works but we’ve had the evaluation and go back the 25th. Anyways, he will be 6m on Monday and I also breastfeed. Was it difficult to nurse with the helmet? I think this is what I’m mostly stressing over because he’s definitely a boob babe and not a bottle babe, but has to hAve a bottle while I’m at work. Any advice is helpful. The clothing information is really helpful especially since it’s almost summer.

    • says

      I hope you get this reply ok! It wasn’t bad but I did need to pad my left arm when he nursed on that side (the buckle was against my skin and not so comfy). They honestly adapt SO much quicker than we think they will. My niece also wore one a few months later and didn’t have any difficulties nursing. Just more of an inconvenience with us. I’m going to email you too in case WordPress eats this reply 🙂

  6. Alexa says

    We have to make the decision by Friday if we are moving forward with the helmet. Your posts make it easier knowing it’s so common! I hate the “mom-shaming” that’s out there.. “just pick your kid up more!” Not the case with torticollis. Anyway I love Carter’s and happy to know there are so many cute options!

    • says

      There could be a million reasons why a baby needs a helmet. It’s so easy to cast a judgement but I honestly am grateful for the journey. I’ll email you too 😉

  7. Sarah says

    Thank you for sharing your experience. My son will receive his band in 2 weeks, when he turns 5 months old. A couple of questions. Did you have to purchase a special carseat to fit his head? We have an Uppababy bucket seat. How long did your son wear his helmet? Are you happy with the progress? Did you purchase a portable fan, i,e. for the beach? He is beautiful! I have no friends who have encountered this, so I am grateful for any information you share! Brooks suffers from torticollis and deformational plagiocephaly. Thank you 🙂

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