Top 5 Apps for Surviving Mid-Night Feedings

I spend a lot of time on my phone while nursing.  When I was nursing Aubrey, I spent time catching up on my DVR shows.  But, Aubrey now watches her cartoons on Netflix, or she’s playing in her room, and I keep myself busy with Twitter, Facebook, and emails during the day.  But at night, it’s quiet.  Very quiet.  So I have been utilizing some great apps I’ve had on my phone for a bit, and some new ones I’ve recently discovered.  So take note of my top 5 apps for surviving mid-night feedings!




I have never been one to use a site like this for cataloging all the blogs on my reader.  I typically just save them as favorites and click through manually.  But that’s been on my regular computer and now with my iPhone that’s more difficult.  So I downloaded Bloglovin a week or so ago and I dig it.  My friend MJ said hers freezes on her.  I haven’t noticed that too much yet, but I’ve only been using it for a brief time.  Things I don’t like – I can’t comment! I have to open it up in Safari to write a comment. I also don’t like that I can’t easily tweet out a link of articles I find interesting.  So, that could be helpful with future updates, if you’re listening Bloglovin!  (my blog, if you’d like to easily follow, is at this link!)



I downloaded this before Bloglovin.  It doesn’t work with every link I come across, but since most of my Tweeps send out their links, it works.  It’s integrated with Twitter and when you see a link on a tweet, you hold the link and it’ll pop up to see if you’d like to “read later”.  Why, yes I do! So it is saved in your Pocket for later.  What I love about this, is it has, at the top of the article, the original tweet.  Here I can re-tweet, reply, or modify the tweet before sending out.  If you happen to have a few twitter accounts you are logged in to, make sure you are picking the proper profile before sending out!



I think everyone has had Pinterest on their phone forever.  The updates keep changing how minor things, some are which annoying, but I do like to scroll through this when I have run out of things to read through Bloglovin or Pocket. (You can follow me here!)



You know how we gave up cable, and how that has been going.  So, I could be catching up on shows in the middle of the night (as long as I plug in headphones to keep things quiet for Jon & Luke).  I’m currently on season 4 of Drop Dead Diva and I love it!



I have been trying to keep up with my devotionals, but I used to read them in the mornings before Aubrey would wake.  I also felt like I needed to keep a journal to reflect on what I’ve read.  Well, with 2 kids I’m exhausted and I eliminated all the “have to’s” to keep it simple, but still keep in the word.  I read in the middle of the night, while it’s quiet, and don’t write down in a journal.  I’ve been reading for almost 3 weeks straight and am still going!

I have a bunch of other apps to keep me busy during the day, but sometimes you just need some to help you through the super dark period in the middle of the night.

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    Love it! I’m gonna check for pocket for android. That would be cool. Other than that, I use pinterest, Netflix, and Daily Bible all the time. Whatever you do, don’t download Candy Crush or else you won’t ever get to any of those other apps.

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    Love this list. Those late night feedings are the hardest to figure out what to do for because the house is so quiet and you need to stay somewhat awake. I watched the entire Ken Burns documentary on Baseball with the first baby. Then, I started watching Pretty Little Liars with the last baby – can you tell my mommy brain kicked in? Great time for guilty pleasures.

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      LOVE PLL!! Haven’t seen this season. I didn’t know when I started and we don’t have cable any more. ABC family only stocks 1 episode in the past online. BOOOO!!

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    I lived on Pinterest when I was feeding Bigs in the middle of the night. It kept me going, lol. Thanks for posting this because I’m always looking for new apps. I’ve never seen pocket.

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