We’re a Tommee Tippee Family

I received items from Tommee Tippee, but read about how this post came about. They didn’t ask me to review, but I am.

A few weeks ago, I was in a very rough spot.  Everything collided at once and I was feeling out of control and distraught.  Sept 30th I returned to work. For 2 weeks I was juggling the kids’ schedules at their grandmas’ houses. It was a song and dance because both at the same time can be a lot and I didn’t want to over-extend either grandma. So one would have Aubrey, the other Luke, then one would have both, then they’d switch kids, and have both again.  During this transition back to work, Luke was ok with the bottle. Not great, as the grandmas told me.  It took him awhile to drink it and he’d cry but he would.

Then October 12 (a Saturday) stretched into our happy family being together for 4 long days.  This meant Luke didn’t need a bottle, he had me!  The 12th was a bday party for a friend’s son, the 13th was Aubrey’s party.  The 14th was her birthday and when we went on to Underwood Family Farms.  The 15th was each of their well-child visits which resulted in lots of tears but in the end, they were ok.  And then the 16th. Oh how that 16th of October changed us.

The morning we woke up, and it was time for Aubrey’s first day at preschool.  Luke was dropped off with my mom, and Jon and I went to take Aubrey in. She did great, that first day (since she didn’t know really what to expect) and it took me a little longer getting in to work. We chatted with her teacher, saw the room, took a few pics.  I got to work and within 15 minutes my mom called me and I could hear Luke screaming in the background.  She said he wasn’t taking the bottle. She tried and tried and he just screamed louder and louder.  I left work, went there, fed him, and brought him back with me.  I was alone in the office that day and he ended up hanging out with me for the few hours I was there till it was time to pick up Aubrey.

I posted on Facebook, frantic, asking people what they recommended for bottles. Obviously the ones we had weren’t cutting it.  One of my friends, and fellow co-founder of SoCal Lady Bloggers (Megan), messaged me and asked me if I’d want her to reach out to her Tommee Tippee rep to see if they can help me out.  For this simple gesture, I’m forever grateful.  You see, a LOT of people replied on that thread saying Tommee Tippee was the only brand that worked for them.  Now sometimes, in the blogger/PR world, you send out an email for a request and sometimes you hear back, and sometimes you don’t.

That night I headed to Target and grabbed a few  bottles to try out with Luke.  I came home, washed them all, and really prayed hard one would work.  My mom had Luke again the next day and really was hoping she wouldn’t have to stress too much about him not taking a bottle.

photo (2)

(also there is the anniversary card for Jon that is still blank on my desk. Our anniversary was 10-18.  But don’t worry, his card to me is also blank but on his dresser. We’re a good team)

That night I had an email from Hannah letting me know she heard from Megan and wanted to see how they could help.  I told her what happened and the next day we emailed some more and she offered to send me a few things from Tommee Tippee to try out for Luke and for Aubrey.  I was also happy to report back to her that he took the bottle with VERY little fuss the next day.  And each feeding was easier than the last. I think the reason being is that the nipple of the bottle seems to be shaped more like the breast and the rubber nipple is a lot softer  than the past one we tried out. Those seemed to be more stiff.  But whatever it is, it was working! Wahoo!

The other items I received included these Truly Spill Proof Drink Cup.


Ever since Aubrey was drinking out of cups, I hated the straw kind since there was ALWAYS something growing after a short period of time in the straws. You can’t really clean inside them.  I’ve tried a few but was easily grossed out (and tossed them) as soon as I saw anything.  I liked that these Tommee Tipee drink cups are easy to clean.

Someone also asked me if they leak.   I had to do some reading to figure out what determines a “spill proof” or “leak proof” cup.  Spill proof means, when knocked over, nothing will come out.  Leak proof means it won’t have ANYTHING come out when it’s dumped over, shaken, thrown across the room.  As the name indicates, these are spill proof.  Aubrey has knocked them over, and no drips have come out.  But, if left upside down, gravity has taken hold and some milk/water does come out.  I’m perfectly fine with the spill proof part as long as it’s easy to clean to prevent gunk from growing. Cuz that’s gross! Plus I love the patterns are girlie but not too cartoony.

And here’s my little man enjoying his Tommee Tippee bottle!


Stay tuned for another review later this week on their 360* Diaper Sealer!


  1. Maribel Reyes says

    We used tommee tipped when my son was born back in 2009, after trial and error it was the only bottle he would take that would not contribute to his reflux. We loved Tommee Tippee. Their customer service was also amazing! We continued to use this brand until our son grew out of the bottle and zippy cup.

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