Tommee Tippee 360 Diaper Sealer {review}

I received the following product free from Tommee Tippee. My extreme excitement over it is genuine. Promise.

You might want to first read this post (if you haven’t yet) about how I received this (and a few other) Tomee Tippee items.

A few days after my emails with Hannah, I got a box and in it was the Tommee Tippee 360* Sealer.  I have followed TT on twitter and have seen their twitter parties talking about this product, and also another – the Perfect Prep Machine. More on that another time.


This thing is AMAZING. So quick story.  You know how we used cloth diapers with Aubrey and then we decided to not use cloth with Luke.  Well, during that transition, we never swapped out the dirty diaper pail.  We were still using a traditional flip-lid trashcan for both Luke & Aubrey’s dirty diapers.  Luke’s were (and are) no big deal. But Aubrey’s? Oh man. 3 days in and that smell smacked you in the face when you entered. Most of the time we stored it outside her room because I said it was just too cruel to leave it.  But never made the leap to anything else.

The 360* Sealer is a game changer. IT’S AMAZING.  At church we have the other system (not really wanting to reference it, but it’s also the name of a creature that lives in a bottle) and it doesn’t hold the smell in all that well. How do I know this? Well, we had that same system for the kitty litter (Kitty Locker or Litter Locker I believe it’s called) and ya, it still stinks.  The technology behind this 360* sealer is incredible. But you don’t really realize it until you go to empty it out.  We decided to just use it for her #2 diapers since those are the worst ones.  I wanted it to be the ultimate test.


First, I was worried that it wouldn’t work too well on her diapers (she’s in size 5) because the opening of the sealer isn’t very wide.  But, I was relieved and happy to see that they do, in fact, still work wonderfully in this.  The 360* seal around the diapers is why this product is amazing.  Since she doesn’t go #2 all the time (we’re lucky that she does some at preschool. yay!) this was an accumulation of about 2-3 weeks.  I held my breath as I pulled out that drawer.  Total over-exaggeration on my part.  No smell. Nothing.  And since there was still the magic plastic sealer paper roll, I used scissors to clip at the top and dumped the bin in the garbage all by myself. Normally I leave that dirty work to Jon.

Refills and the 360* Sealer are available at Babies R Us.  This is the ultimate baby shower gift, I’ve decided.  You’ll REALLY thank me when your baby starts eating solid food.  Actually, you’ll thank Tommee Tippee. I mean they, after all, created this!

Some info: The diaper sealer can hold up to 30 (newborn) diapers IN THE BUCKET.  We used ours for size 5 and we filled the bucket up, cut & re-sealed the roll and still have some use. I didn’t really count how many we have had in ours. The Roll actually will hold 100 diapers (any size).  The Sealer retails for $49.99 and the refills are $7.99 each (or you can buy a three pack for $21.99).

Now, I just went through the Babies R Us site to pull up that info and read some of the reviews.  The rollers can be tricky so I created these 2 informative videos for you! Enjoy!

Adding a diaper:

Putting diaper in sealer from Melissa_Dell on Vimeo.

Replacing roll:

Replacing diaper sealer roll from Melissa_Dell on Vimeo.


  1. Deneen says

    Thank you for this informative review. I am looking for a ‘diaper pail’ that seals for a different purpose and am wondering if this might work.

    I have 2 cats and use wood pellets for my litter. The wood is awesome fouling urine smells as it breaks down into sawdust and falls to bottom of pan as it dries. My problem is with solid waste. It sits in top and smells horrible til it’s removed which I try to do very quickly. But because I scoop off the poop so frequently into grocery store bags, I go through way too many of them. I was hoping this unit could seal around each individual scooping of poop only, thereby using much less plastic per day.

    What I am wondering about is the way it seals. Do the sides already have a seal and the machine just seals the bottom, /tops of the ‘bags’ it creates or does it seal the sides at same time? I’m wondering about whether the poos would be held in position to be sealed all around or if there might be possibility of of a poop end not being sealed around. I really hope this question is clear! Lol

    Thank you!

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