No Longer A Baby – Toddler Bed Transition

When we found out we were pregnant again, we did some quick calculations to see how far apart in age they’d be.  21 months.  We knew that the kids would be sharing a room, and we’d need another bed of some sort. Would we buy another crib for Luke? Make the jump to a twin for Aubrey? Purchase a toddler bed instead? I wasn’t sure which was the best option for us. We thought about getting another crib that could convert into a toddler bed but that was some serious money. I had been stalking the Facebook Resale group I mentioned before, but those were still at least $100. Then I realized we had some points available through Jon’s payroll company – ADP. Whenever we’re able to purchase through a site supported through ADP, we receive points per dollar spent.  Some stores offer bonus for 3x or even 5x points for each dollar.  In the end, Jon and I decided to buy Aubrey a new toddler bed & mattress, and work on the toddler bed transition before Luke is born. We didn’t want to wait till after as we didn’t want her getting upset that he stole her bed. Or that he’s kicking her out of her space.

So 2 weeks ago we bought this toddler bed from Walmart and a new mattress. We eventually will buy her a new bedding set, but for now, making due with what we have. Jon assembled it during the week and we brought it up into her room while she was asleep. The next morning was like Christmas – she went straight to it and kept saying WHOA WHOA! just like she did in the video from her play area. She climbed into it immediately. That afternoon I tried letting her lay around in it after her nap – and she really showed signs of loving it. So, at night, we put her in her big girl bed and told her we’d see her in the morning.

No Longer A Baby - Toddler Bed Transition 1

Messing around after naptime

No Longer A Baby - Toddler Bed Transition 2

Pretending it’s night night time.

Toddler Bed – Day 1 (Thursday, April 18th):

After 10 minutes of rolling around, she passed out. Sure she was laying in really funny but so cute!

No Longer A Baby - Toddler Bed Transition - Night 1

2 hours in to bedtime (10pm)

Midnight: Woke up crying. Gave her a few minutes to calm down, and she didn’t, so I went in, grabbed her, rocked her, calmed her, and put her back to bed.

1am: Woke up crying. Realized I can’t wake up every hour so I put her in the crib once she was calm. Big mistake. She started crying even louder and I picked her up again. When I did, she pointed to the bed. Ok baby girl. I told her that she can sleep in there, but she has to lay down and sleep. Didn’t hear from her again.

6:30am: Woke up whining/whimpering. Normally she’s up around 7:10 so I consider this a close enough call. Got her up for the day.

Toddler Bed – Day 2 (Friday, April 19th):

No Longer A Baby - Toddler Bed Transition - Day 2, Nap Time

This was naptime today. I brought her upstairs, put her in bed, and told her it was time to go night night. After 20 minutes, she finally passed out. But before that – she was playing with the curtains right by the end of her bed. She also played with the cord to her video monitor (and it kept moving the camera all over. thanks goodness our Summer Infant pans so I could easily use the remote to get it back into position). She tossed her pillow on the floor and I had to go up once cuz she kept crying. She wanted her paci. She kept pointing to it and I told her no, but I knew if she had it, she’d pass out.

She only uses the paci (sometimes) at naptime. Or in the middle of the night if nothing calms her down. So, maybe I gave in a bit, but look how deep asleep she is!

Bed Time:  She took about 10 minutes to go to sleep, and slept the whole night! Although she was up at 7. Grrr. Too early for a Saturday baby girl! (usually she’s up around 8am).  She didn’t try to get out, but just was up talking and playing with her stuffed animals.  She loves this thing.

Toddler Bed – Day 3 (Saturday, April 20th):

Naptime is still proving to be the most challenging to get her to sleep. She won’t just go straight to sleep. Today I went up there after 10 minutes – of her playing with the curtains, the video monitor cable, the talking, and told her she needed to lay down, and go to sleep. Oh, I did have to give her the paci.  Well, she did, and she slept almost 3 hours. We tired her out pretty good with the tour of the Valencia Model Homes.

Bedtime: Jon had this task.  I was at an event in Hollywood and he said she went down pretty easy.  She cried a little bit for about 15 minutes but then passed out. She slept all night and woke up around 6:50. It was Sunday, so we had to get up anyways for church, but still.

Toddler Bed – Day 4 (Sunday, April 21st):

There was no naptime at home today. We had a family day down in Hermosa Beach. She slept a bit on the way home – but woke up pretty cranky. When we got home, she grabbed one of her blankets and I asked her if she wanted to lay down.  She went in her room, climbed on the bed, and lay down for about 30 minutes. Not sure if she fell asleep, but she was in a much better mood after.

Bedtime was some rolling around but then passed out.  She’s so cute when she sleeps.

No Longer A Baby - Toddler Bed Transition - Day 4 Bedtime

Again she slept all night, no wake-ups, but was making noises by 6:30, ready to start the day.  I guess I’d rather her sleep all night and wake up early than to be up multiple times during the night?

I’m just so grateful she really took to this bed so quickly. I was nervous that this would be the start of many transitions and many difficulties with them.  But Aubrey-Boo, you are my love and you are growing into such a little lady every day!

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