Tips for Kids in Hotels?

Jon and I have been on a booking frenzy.  We have a couple upcoming stay-cations and he said I am majorly over-stressing about the hotel & the kids’ sleep.  We are going on a camping trip in October with a bunch of friends and opted to a motorhome rental.  Last time we camped, Aubrey was about 6 months old and not really mobile. We had a tent and she was a rockstar sleeper.  When we booked this camping trip, Luke was waking up 2-3 times a night and we didn’t want to worry about disturbing our neighbors with his crying fits.  So, we booked it, and I’m kind of excited. I haven’t gone camping in a motorhome since I was a small girl.

I have no idea how that will work in terms of space and who will sleep where. It’s kind of an experiment.  Later in the year we are going on a 3 day trip to Disneyland!  I also took Aubrey when she was 6 months. Oh just kidding, she was 8 months old.  Jon and I decided, with both kids, a hotel would be a necessity.  We just booked our trip at the Residence Inn that is under 2 miles away and has amazing suites!  We booked a 2 room suite with bunk beds. This is where my panic set in.

Bunk beds – let’s be honest, no one is sleeping in the top bunk.  So why did I book this?  I’m terrified of Aubrey falling off the bed.  The 2 twin beds were only had the headboard along the wall and had a lot more opportunity for her to roll off.  The bunk beds have one of the long sides against the wall so I figured we could easily bring the guard rail she used to use for the other opening. Luke will be in the pack n play.

I’m grateful for their own room so we can shut the door and not worry about waking them up.  My mom is going to be heading down with us as well, and has offered to watch the kids after they go to sleep so Jon and I can go back and ride some of the big rides together. Yay! We haven’t been since we got engaged! He didn’t make it on the trip when Aubrey was 8 months old.

Our last trip, which is actually coming up first, is a weekend away in Palm Springs.  Since it’s going to be super hot, we were looking for a super fun family friendly place that had an awesome pool area.  I mentioned it to my coworker and she talked about her stay at Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort.  It has Splashtopia!!!! So perfect for the kids!  Their offering of rooms was either 1 room with 2 beds and a balcony or a mini suite that had one sleeping room with beds and a separate living area.  After some discussion we decided to go with the 1 room/2 beds and we will be spending our time, after they’re asleep, on the balcony.  We figured they’ll be SO exhausted from all the fun that they’ll just crash. I’m still terrified she’ll roll off. Jon told me that she’ll be fine, and we’ll be right there.  I guess if nothing else, it’ll be a trial run for a big girl bed that will be coming about sooner rather than later! Eeks! So excited!

What tips do you have for staying in a hotel? We haven’t really done it before with the kids.  Thanks for your input!


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  1. Aileen says

    Pool noodles under the sheets work well to minimize risk of falling off the bed. We usually book a room with 2 queen beds & push one of the beds against a wall.

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