Time for a post

I know, I’m really horrible with this. You’d think it’s because I had nothing to say. But if you know me, you know that’s not true.

The truth is, I’ve been trying to be really good with my blogsite – Bling Diva Designs – and have been trying to keep up with like 3 posts a week.  Well, I guess by time I finish those, I’m sort of over the whole blogging thing.  My apologies!

So what’s new? Well, Jon got a new job! he will be working for a dental supply company as their marketing person. He doesn’t officially start there till next week but he’s been helping them after his other job to work on some campaign material for a big convention next month.

I still love my Kia. I mean REALLY love. you know when you always think “if I could pick any car I’d pick….”?  Well, i never thought I’d answer with my Kia! I love that thing. The extra goodies it has on there are awesome. Do you know how awesome it is to never have to dig your keys out of your purse? It’s fantastic. And the seat warmers? Amazing.

I’ve also been looking up new blogs because I love blogs.  Since I am obsessed with weddings, some of those get mixed in too. But here’s a few I like:

Green Wedding Shoes – Thanks to Casey for pointing this out (she’s getting married in Oct).  They just re-did their site and it’s pretty cool.  And nice name! Although if I had mine, it’d be Aqua Wedding shoes. . . Ya know, cuz mine were tiffany blue.

My Life in Transition – I found this by actually clicking on an ad from another blog for wedding albums.  When I went there, she also had a link to her personal blog and I started reading it when she was about 4 months pg. Now she’s got a lil boy and he’s super cute. She’s funny and I love her love of color for her baby’s nursery.  Maybe I also like it since she has turquoise walls 🙂

MomAgenda – First I found this through a giveaway for one of her planners but then I started reading through some of her posts and realized she’s pretty funny.  And I love organization. Who doesn’t?

Centsational Girl – Her work around her house is awe-inspiring.  I think my favorite is her office and her daughter’s room.  It makes me want a 10 bedroom house just so I can do many of the things in there.

There’s just a few. I hope you spend some time at some of them and see how great they are for reads too!  And I promise I’ll try not to disappear so frequently.  Right now I must stop typing as my kitty decided to lay across my whole body. Including my arms. Makes it difficult to hit some of the keys ;o)


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