Third Time Mom – Diaper Bag Edition

The baby isn’t here yet, but that doesn’t mean I don’t already know what will be going in my diaper bag.  As a third time mom, I’m really trying to streamline what are the absolute essentials since at times we’ll also be carting around 2 other big kids and don’t have the luxury of a 20 minute diaper change while you dig around trying to find a diaper that is buried under 5 pounds of toys.

third time mom diaper bag

This time around, I’ll be using the Petunia Pickle Bottom City Carryall (affiliate link for Nordstrom) instead of the Boxy Bag I had for Aubrey and Luke.  A friend of mine had this for her 2nd and she said she liked the design a bit better overall.  There’s a few more exterior pockets and I feel the trimmer size will prevent overpacking and many things getting lost at the bottom.  One of my sweet friends purchased this for me as a gift and I’m so so grateful! (Thanks Des!)

The only thing that I would add to this bag is a few extra outfits for the baby. But since we’re Team Green, I haven’t much of anything for the baby. Some great friends are loaning me a few newborn pieces for both genders to get us through the first two weeks or so until I’m able to grab the right gender outfits from friends that have so graciously offered 🙂  Some of them are also the clothes that Aubrey & Luke wore as babies so it’ll be fun to see some of those again!

what to pack in a diaper bag

There’s 2 main categories you need to make sure you have covered when packing – one are the items for YOU.  This covers snacks, water, an extra top, hand wipes, and a cover (if that’s how you roll. Which, it is for me).  Inside here I have my super favorite Contigo water container, some Quaker granola bars, a maternity tank (because the first few weeks you’ll still have a bit of a belly), a Hooter Hider for nursing, and Purell wipes.

what to pack in a diaper bag

For the baby – I have an Aden & Anais muslin swaddle (so multi-purpose!), Munchkin Latch pacis (Aubrey did use pacis, luke did not.  He used his thumb. It’s easier to break a kid of a paci habit than a thumb!), a wet bag, diapers, wipes, cloth diaper to use as burp rag, and an outfit.

what to pack in a diaper bag

When they’re so small, there’s not really a need for a rattle or toy.  I don’t know if this one will have a Lovey like Luke did.  Aubrey wasn’t really attached to anything until she was older and fell in love with her Violet.

Adding a wet bag is SO important!  The one I have has an additional zipper area on the outside to store the clean clothing or diapers.  They can be washed (cool water, hang to dry).  This bag we started using back when we cloth diapered Aubrey, and we’ve also used it for pool trips, beach trips, and now all over again for a baby. So versatile!


What are your must-have items in your diaper bag?



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    I actually don’t have a diaper bag anymore. 😬 I keep a tote in the car stocked with diapers and wipes (in a wet bag) extra clothes for all 3, an Aden an anais blanket and bottle is water. If I need to change a diaper I just grab the wet bag. When I’m out alone I just can’t have another bag to carry. But you will find what works for you.

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