Things I Never Thought I’d Worry About

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things i never thought i'd worry about

I remember being newly married, folding laundry on our bed, and joking about how this life I was in felt more like play than reality.  I shared with some friends and I think at that point, I had no idea the worries that would fill my mind as time passed and I got older (or maybe wiser?).

I always knew Jon and I would have kids.  But after trying to have our first for what seemed like forever, I then worried that maybe we wouldn’t have any.

When we had our first – Aubrey – I wondered how I’d be as a mom.  I wondered if I’d know her cries or if I would know how to soothe her.  At the time, all that was in my world was her, and I loved being in that little bubble.

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When she was an itty bitty, I couldn’t see that I’d later worry about how she’d do in school, meeting new friends, dealing with the ups and downs of friendships that’s a natural thing in life.  Now, as a fun-loving 5 year old, I worry about the world she’ll be released in and I worry about friends breaking her heart or excluding her from activities.  I know all kids are resilient, but this is my worry.

When I was younger, you always heard stories about other people that would have their lives cut short.  I never worried I’d be sharing tears with my best friends over those that left us too early.  But here I am, 35, having those memories.  I didn’t know when I was 25 I’d have to determine how to share with my kids that not everyone that dies is old and gray.  Sometimes it happens to mommies or daddies that have little ones just like them.

When I was younger, we always took road trips with other families.  I wondered what that would be like with our kids.  And now, with 3 kids, each trip we go on, I start worrying over ridiculous things like sleeping arrangements, how the kids will nap, will they survive a long car ride … just dumb chatter in my head when I should really focus on making the memories.

things I never thought i'd worry about

When I was younger I wondered what our forever home would look like.  Jon and I always daydreamed about the perfect home.  And when we found it in 2015, I didn’t know we’d already start worrying about 3 teenagers sharing one bathroom and what that would look like.  Don’t worry, Jon’s already warned me it’ll get pretty gross with 2 teenage boys. Yikes.

When I was younger, I never knew how much a sneeze could affect me.  But after 3 kids, I’m quickly learning it is affected REAL BAD.  I never really cared about the importance of kegels that they talk to you about in the birthing class.  I wish I had listened because now I worry every time I get sick.  It started after I had Ryan.  I got a cold just days before I went into labor.  Recovery sucked big time.  But I thought I would be fine and things would get better and back to normal.

When he was about 6 months old, we went to a birthday party for my little cousin.  It was at a kids gym and they had those super awesome trampolines like they always had at the circus.  The ones that would just propel the person high into the air for perfect backflips.  I always loved those things and wanted to try them for myself.

So, I did.  The first jump, I excused myself and went to the bathroom.  Relieved (literally), I went back to do it again.  First jump, and I stopped. Jon stared at me and asked why I stopped jumping. I told him simply – I think three kids ruined me.  I’m not sure he immediately knew what I meant, but I walked off the trampoline feeling a bit disappointed, and extremely shocked at a new worry I’d have.

Every now and then, during group text messages with other moms, we started talking about this phenomenon and laugh because we never really thought it’d happen to us.

On a recent girls’ trip, armed with Cards Against Humanity and a 5 lb tub of Red Vines – we were dying hysterically with the answers that would come up.  It has been a long time since I’ve had such belly laughs that I could barely breathe.

things i never thought i'd worry about

And on more than one occasion I’d get up and say through tears in my eyes that I was scared I’d pee with all the tears.  It led to more tears of laughter and I told them how I should have packed something with me.  They all wondered what it was and I got some guts and shared about a new type of design to help stop bladder leaks.  I’ve heard about some different types and this one was totally different.  Finess is a soft, comfortable ‘fin’ that isn’t inserted and not a panty liner to help combat bladder incontinence.  It’s meant to be worn temporarily – for any reason really. I’m sure if you work out often, and find yourself pausing for the “whoops” moments – this would be perfect for you. Since I don’t work out, I would have totally used it for a game of Cards Against Humanity.  Another idea is wearing it around the house while cleaning.  Cuz, if you’re constantly in a state of sneezing or coughing,  it is nice to just worry about cleaning the floor from crumbs instead of, well, from something else. LOL.

What situation do you constantly find yourself in, wishing you had something to help? 

I told my girlfriends next trip I’d pack enough for all of us so we don’t have to worry about screaming Don’t pee the bed while we laugh over some of the cards like sperm whale.

If you’re wondering if you’d be a good candidate – take the Finess free online test!

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