Things I Dig

It’s been awhile since I’ve not only posted, but also done a Things I Dig.

First up, CoverGirl’s LashBlast Length.

The past few mascaras I’ve purchased are from this line. First it was the regular LashBlast, then the Shimmer version. Both work well, but it sort of clumps.  Then I saw this at the drug store and thought hmm, why not? So  I purchased it, and Love it! Be warned – the wand is LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG. I keep thinking it’s going to break. But it’s awesome. Love it!

Next up: Green Mountain Donut House K-Cup:

Chocolate Glazed Donut

It’s a lighter brew coffee, but it’s delicious. It has just a small touch of chocolate flavor. I am a coffee & cream type of gal, and I use just a bit of the Sweet Cream creamer and it doesn’t take away or mask the flavor.  I recommend finding this and purchasing it!!

Last up – Kell on Earth

It’s on Bravo and it’s amazing. Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll be having a marathon soon enough if you’ve missed it.  She knows her shit, and while personally I think I’d go crazy working there, I can see why so many flock to it.  I mean in 2 episodes there was one girl (that they found out) was tweeting on the way to the interview, and afterwards and they immediately called her and rescinded the offer. Then there was another girl they interviewed, loved, then found out she was arrested for stealing thousands of dollars in diamonds & jewelry from her current employer.

So scoop yourself a big bowl of ice cream, and watch that marathon!! And hope you enjoyed this month’s Things I Dig 🙂


  1. Jennifer says

    KELL ON EARTH = Best show ever!! I’m addicted and everytime I watch it, CW rolls his eyes… I mean come on, I’m a power girl too!

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