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Every now and then I find a few new products that I like, and after trying them out for a bit, I come here and blog about it. Well, it’s time for that again!  And it’s one of my favorite topics to discuss – beauty!

In this post, I talked about the Korres eyeliners I purchased from Sephora. I have used the brown & black eyeline religiously and now they’re going towards their last legs.  I have another black one {smudgeable} but brown  I do not. So last weekend I headed back to Sephora to replace it.  When I got home, I realized I mistakenly {or, by accident on purpose?} bought a brown mascara.  Oops.  I had been loving the Bare Escentuals bareMinerals mascara I bought with a giftcard after my birthday {mini sizes} and wanted to purchase the full size.  I still need to do that because Sephora only had the waterproof one and those are a bitch to get off.  So I figured since Sephora has good return policy of satisfaction guaranteed – I figured I should try it out.

I like the way it goes on, but I’m not sure I love it as much as the other mascara I have been using. But I do enjoy using brown mascara during the day. So I’m torn. Oh if only money grew on trees.  I think I might take it back to get the eye liner instead. Although I am tempted to purchase a cheap one from Target or CVS instead and keep this. I’ve realized that splurging on mascara has it last a bit longer than the ones I buy at Target/CVS.

Another new thing I discovered – Revlon ColorStay Aqua Mineral Finishing Powder. This stuff is pretty interesting. I bought it to try and find a less expensive alternative to the Arbonne translucent powder I’ve been using. If I had to choose between splurging on the foundation or the powder, I have to stick with their foundation (love!!).  So I hit up the stores and tried this out.

So when I first put this on, I had just applied my Arbonne liquid foundation. I thought I did something wrong because my face felt cool & wet where I applied the powder. But then it was gone. I put more on in a different spot, and same thing.  I looked back at the powder and realized there’s Coconut water in it to “cool & hydrate the face.”  hmm. no wonder.  It’s really easy to apply and by purchasing it in a “light” shade vs colorless, I can wear this alone if I feel like it during the warm summer months.

I also went on a search for the perfect lipgloss. I’m ashamed to say, but my favorite gloss from Sephora, this one, is from my wedding. THREE AND A HALF YEARS AGO. Yes I am aware that is bad, and they expire. But honestly I just kept forgetting about that thing.  When my sister wanted on for christmas, I honestly couldn’t match it up to the new ones in Sephora. Oy man. So I wanted to find a new shade instead of buying a replacement. I went to CVS and raided the new line of Revlon colors – Colorburst Lip Butter, Colorburst Lipstick, and Colorburst Lip Gloss.


I wasn’t sure what I’d like and what would look good on. And so I bought a few. Then I bought some more. In the end I went with the lipgloss on the left there. It’s a pretty peachy-sparkle color that has just a tint of color, not too much.  And I returned all the others {keep your receipts! They will take back used makeup products!}

So what have you been purchasing lately? And please tell me I’m not the only one that has 3 or 4 year old lipglosses still!!! Don’t even get me started on eye shadows. {those don’t expire, right???}


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    I’m a lip gloss junkie. I literally have a drawer full of them, and at least 5 tubes are in my purse/diaper bag at all times. I have to say that my #1 fave that I always go back to is Chanel Glossimer in “Giggle” – it is the perfect neutral, if you ever have $25 to splurge on gloss, that’s the one. My #2 is Bobbi Brown in “Petal” – a soft pink that always looks good.

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