Things I Dig {5th edition}

It’s time for …. Things I Dig!!!

Things I Dig - 5th edition - 1

The first official waffle I made was red velvet. It was good! I used their drizzle sauce (vanilla bean) But next time I think I might just do the powdered sugar/milk mixture. And we also made Cinnamon Roll Waffles too!


Things I Dig - 5th edition - 2

I realized that we had vanilla bean ice cream one {freezing cold} night and decided to make a root beer float. I also got fancy and used a small mason jar for it. It was amazing. But, I was so cold after I think I might wait till spring to have another.


Things I Dig - 5th edition - 3

I got this awesome coffee tumbler from my mom for Christmas. I’ve already posted this on Instagram and found out some of my friends have had theirs for 3 years! How have I waited so long! This is a life changer. Keeps your coffee HOT for 3 hours! then it starts to cool down some. In fact, it keeps it SO HOT that I actually leave the lid off for a good 5 minutes to give it a chance to cool down enough to be able to drink it. It’s made by Contigo and is awesome.

Things I Dig - 5th edition - 4

I started back up on the She Reads Truth devotionals. Right now we’re in one called Fresh Start. I saw “we” because there are hundreds (maybe more??) of women across the country and internationally that are participating. This is the first one I’ve actually started on time. Normally I’m a week or two behind. I’ve also found a group of women on twitter that I normally chat with – that are also doing it. We’re keeping each other accountable. Love it! (This is the YouVersion bible app. I loved this verse of the day so I shared it on Instagram)


Things I Dig - 5th edition - 5

Have you ever had a chocolate shake from Chick-fil-a? It’s so good. I love eating half, freezing the other, and enjoying it at a later date. Same consistency as the malts I love from Dodger Stadium!!!


What are you digging lately? I have another post coming up in a few weeks with some new makeup items I’m digging too 🙂


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