Things I Dig {4th edition}

If you’re ever really wondering what I’m currently digging, you don’t have to look far.  My Instagram feed usually will give you a slight hint.  But every now and then I like to get all formal on you and draft a post that goes beyond just a photo and a few words to describe.  So, I present to you the 4th edition of Things I Dig!


Things I Dig - 4th Edition 1

Popcornopolis Zebra Popcorn.  This stuff is amazingly addictive. The sticker warning doesn’t lie.  And it’s not on every one of their flavors.  It’s caramel corn, covered in white & dark chocolate.  The mix is just….wow.  It’s available online and I hear that every now and then Costco has them during the holidays. Stock up folks! When unopened, they last months. But seriously you won’t need to worry about expiration dates.  Just your waistline 😉

Things I Dig - 4th Edition 2

I had put a call out on Twitter a bit ago to find a new dry shampoo.  Mine was almost out, and I wasn’t in love with it enough to buy another can.  A few people, including MJ suggested TRESemme’s line.  WOW. I love it.  My big complaint with the other one was that my hair felt even DIRTIER if I used the dry shampoo.  And not in a “oh look at my good dirty beach hair. I rock” kind of way.  This stuff is light, leaves my natural texture on my hair, and I’m in love. I will be buying more.

Things I Dig - 4th Edition 3

At BlogHer, MJ and I had gone to the Getting Gorgeous event hosted by Audrey McClelland and Vera Sweeney.  That’s where I met Nina from MomAgenda if you remember 🙂  Anyways, Downy was one of the sponsors and they took our information to mail us care packages of their newest product, UnStopables, and also some new scents for their fabric softeners.  Now, I have pretty sensitive skin and about 6 years ago stopped using all scented type of stuff in my laundry.  I have never used fabric softener, even with our awful hard water we have.  I first tested out by adding a small amount of the UnStopables to our sheets, and Jon LOVED the scent. Both are a bit fruity, bit flowery, bit feminine.  But we loved crawling into our bed every night and just inhaling the sheets.  I also enjoyed going out to my car each morning as I would get a nice whiff of the scents as they sit on my washer 🙂

For the fabric softener, I was scared of having any kind of skin reaction. I used a small amount, and now, I love it and just add the normal amount per load.  First, all the clothes I hang dry (which is almost every piece of clothing I own except bras & underwear) no longer are stiff as a board once dry.  They’re soft, and smell good.  I also have been using it on Aubrey’s stuff and I love how sweet she smells with her clothing.  Downy has officially made me a fabric softener converter.

Things I Dig - 4th Edition 4

While vacationing in Big Bear, I had tweeted a photo of me drinking my coffee on the back porch.  Green Mountain Coffee started conversing with me about what I was up to, and then they asked me if I’d like to try some of their iced coffees. UM YES!  I am addicted to coffee and I especially love an afternoon pick me up.  I received this cute 4 pack of Iced Coffees a little while later and while I normally don’t like Hazelnut coffee hot, it was AMAZING cold!  One thing I am a bit of a snob about is iced coffee.  I don’t like just pouring brewed coffee over ice. It has a bitter type of taste. I have always used The Smitten Kitchen’s method. But these K-cups mimic the same method without being bitter. Brilliant!

Things I Dig - 4th Edition 5

Speaking of the afternoon pick-me-ups: My Starbucks double wall Cold Cups.  I have two – a Grande and a Venti.  The Venti is the cool kind that you can separate and put glitter in, or pics, or whatever.  The Grande is the first one that came out a few years ago.  This has been a requirement for most of my afternoons.  It’s probably bad but I have 2 cups in the am and usually one in the pm.  Oops.


And that concludes this edition of Things I Dig!!  Remember, if you’d like to follow and see the things as they happen, my instagram name is @melissa_dell.  And don’t forget to like me on Facebook!



While all of these things I am digging lately, some were given to me by the companies.  That includes the Green Mountain Iced k-cups and the Downy UnStopables and Fabric Softener.


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