Things I Dig – Summer 2014

Every so often I remember to do a quick roundup of all the things I’m digging. You can check out past editions here: Melissa Dell’s Things I Dig.  Some of the items below might have been sent to me to try out, and some might have affiliate links.  I only share here, what I love and affiliate links (if you click to purchase the item) just send me a small commission as a referral to buy. Thank you for supporting!


I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I last shared what I’m digging. Well, that’s not 100% true.  I’m sharing a lot of things, as they come up, on Instagram (Are you following me?)  But I do have some things that I have been waiting to share until I had this round up written.  So let’s get to it!

 Belli Skin Care – Anti-Blemish Facial Wash


I’ve never had great skin.  I’ve always had acne for as long as I remember. I know, based on photos, that it wasn’t always like that.  When I got married, I had some bad “bumps” below my skin, so it wasn’t an easy thing to treat.  A dermatologist suggested that she could try removing, but might risk scarring. Uh no thanks.  I just kept going and sometimes they’d flare up and be very visible, and sometimes it’d calm down and be slightly visible.  But, always there.  When I got pregnant, I also suffered through really bad acne (not all over, but 1-2 awful zits on a regular basis).  I don’t know why that healthy glowing skin skipped me, but whatever. I know you can’t use a lot of the strong skin treatments so I just dealt with it. And used makeup (Love Pur Minerals!!) I’ve gone through a few brands of face wash.  Never anything mind blowing in results.  My skin has also changed and I’m a lot more sensitive to things.  But I always, always suffer from dry skin. It’s worst in the winter (especially mixed with our hard water).  Earlier this year I switched to using Coconut Oil as a moisturizer and noticed a huge difference.  But still needed to find something strong, but mild, for daily wash and the occasional scrub.

Belli sent me this face wash and also their scrub.  Both items are fantastic for pregnancy and beyond (just check out the comments on the instagram photo!). How I never heard of this brand before, I have no idea. But I’m glad they found me. The wash smells like Sprite. It’s refreshing in the early mornings.  I use the scrub about every 3 days. The tiny granules help (I think) get rid of the dead gunk and reveal smoother skin.  A friend pointed out she purchases at Buy Buy Baby and uses her 20% off coupons for additional savings!  You can also purchase on Amazon, Ulta, and

Summer Infant Pop ‘n Play Portable Playard


Luke is a bit too big for a pack n play to keep him confined (when I need to do things).  This pic was when I was working from home and he was with me because my Mother In Law had gone out of town. I had a few calls I had to make and he just LOVES to play with all the things around my desk.  Candice had posted hers on Instagram and I asked her what it was cuz I NEEDED it. My aunt & uncle bought us this to use and then pass along to our cousin (their granddaughter). Literally ready out of the box, it is set up within 2 minutes. You open it up, spread it out, and there’s little clips to keep the green taunt.  And, we’ve discovered Luke is allergic (or sensitive) to grass. This will be awesome when we head out to a park and not to mention, no running off! Aubrey hung out it in too after I picked her up from Preschool. I tell ya, they each want to copy the other! Great deal at under $80 at Amazon! We’ll also be taking this camping at the beach in a few months.  There is no “floor” but just that green tarp type material. Sides are mesh. Oh! And the bag has mesh on one end. So when you take it to the beach and put it in the bag to leave, all the sand comes out one end!

 5-Piece Measuring Bowl Set


These prep cups have been in my cabinet a long time.  I haven’t used them in the past often. But, with all our latest Meal Planning & recipe adventures, I’m finding them quite useful.  Each cup has 2 measurements (The line inside is usually half the amount of the whole cup) and I am able to prep what I’m cooking, then mix it all together.  They’re easy to wash as well.  And, I feel super fancy when I use them. Jon came home one day and saw my dishses and said “Are you hosting a cooking show while I’m gone??”  Uh, maybe? Ha ha! (Similar Similar Prep Bowls on Amazon)

Gold Spray Paint


I didn’t spray the lamp, but I did buy that after I was easily influenced on Instagram.  It is from Target.  I had always wanted a girly office so I figured Pink and … something else. After seeing this on Instagram, I knew Gold was the answer.  But a lot of the items we have for the office are NOT gold.  I’ve never really used spray paint. But with the purchase of it to use for Luke’s bday party items, I figured I would try Gold too. GAME CHANGER!!! That frame was black before. I also have another one I sprayed gold, and a larger 8×10 size that holds our wedding photo. It’s perfect! Just spray far away, and thin coats, multiple times. Oh and watch out for wind!


Emily Ley Simplified Journal



I bought this and I’m really appreciating it. I am not journaling daily.  But I am trying 2-3 times a night. I’m sure it’s not just me, but my brain is always running in a million different directions.  This, surprisngly, helps to tone it down, and since I’m filling it out at night, it also calms my mind before bed.  I’m going to do a full review soon, but I had to share.  It’s a great “make it your own” product as well. On the “brain dump” side, I start off with 2-3 things I’m happy about – it’s usually about the kids – them playing well together, Luke laughing hysterically at Aubrey while I drive around, just stuff that I know one day will seem like a distant memory since they’re growing up so fast.

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace


Alright. Let me preface with this – I never used this on Aubrey. It was a mix of “she didn’t need it” and “I don’t really think that works”.  Well, after going a year with a crappy sleep pattern, averaging 3-4 hours of sleep at a time, I decided to just run and buy it.  I bought mine locally from Mother & Baby Boobtique because I didn’t want to wait for Amazon Prime shipping.  But, I am  FIRM BELIEVER IN THIS.  The night before I bought this, Luke was up about 4 times. I’m serious. It was ridiculous.  The first night, he slept about 6 hours the first stretch, then another 4 or so.  I think I might have even needed to wake him up in the morning so we could get ready to go.  The next day, it was 6.5 for the first stretch.  That weekend, he slept 8 hours uninterrupted (it was amazing!!)  About a week after wearing it, one of the nights he slept 12 hours! And I posted this on Instagram:

Who slept 12 hours straight and had to be woken up to take sis to preschool? THIS GUY!! I swearing by these Baltic amber necklaces! 

He’s not slept 12 hours again (yet) but he’s averaging about 7-8 hours straight and waking up around 2-4 am and then back to sleep (I nurse him at that time).  Jon is not a fan of the necklace.  But he is a fan of his and my sleep. So, necklace wins!!!

Thanks for reading along! What are you digging right now?


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    OMG – that’s what that necklace is?!

    I’m clearly no parent, but I’ve seen my friends’ kids with those and have been TOTALLY clueless! Looks like not only are they functional, but fashionable too! Yippee for the necklace!

    🙂 Anna

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    That acne wash looks great! I have really been wanting something for my acne because my skin is just like yours! Acne-prone but also prone to dry skin as well (such a terrible combination especially for makeup)! I am going to have to bookmark this for future reference.

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    So the amber necklace ended up being a total hit? Great to know! Once I go back to LA I’ll see how my little one is doing, and might get one myself! Thanks for the tips!

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