Things I Dig {fall edition}

Disclosure: I received some of the products below for free in exchange for mention on my site. But my opinion is always honest!


It’s that time again! Another round-up of things I dig!

As you know, I’m on Twitter a lot.  I also post a lot on Instagram.  And sometimes it brings welcomed perks!  Influenster is a company that helps brings brands and influencers together. Every now and then I receive an email offer to sign up for a box.  This one is titled the #RoseVoxBox and I was really pleased with its contents.  I still have some things to use, but I LOVED the BelVita breakfast cookies.  So much, we ordered some for our office. How’s that for influence? I hadn’t heard of them before but they were tasty! Great with my morning cup of joe! (more on that later).  I’ve had the Lindt’s Lindor Truffles before, and I loved this little package.  But it only had one. That made me sad. I love great chocolate!  I have seen folks post photos of the gradient nails they have done at salons and can’t wait to (find time to) try these out! I love the gold. So subtle yet pretty.  And the ScandalEyes looks a lot like the brush I have for my beloved Covergirl Flamed Out Mascara.  I can’t wait to try and see if it is similar!  And I think I’ll slip the Dr. Scholl’s inserts in my rain boots.  Those things are not the comfiest!


As part of our anniversary celebration, we were in Pasadena and I searched Macarons and found Lette Macarons.  The store is small, just like these adorable macarons.  But the taste. Wow.  I ate all of them so fast. Jon wondered why I didn’t save some.  Um, because they’re DELICIOUS!


With my blogging, I also receive emails to sample out products.  When I was contacted by TriDerma, it was right around the height of Luke’s Cradle Cap, and just before the extremely dry conditions in Santa Clarita.  I’ve been applying the Daily Healing Moisturizer to Aubrey’s skin every night after bath and sometimes even in the morning before preschool.  The formula is rich, but not super greasy.  I used the Extreme Itch & Dryness on Luke’s scalp after his baths and I liked that the formula didn’t leave his hair all greasy.  I’m not sure if it helped his cradle cap, but it did leave his skin moisturized after I’d scrape some of the skin off. It’s gross (the cradle cap) but it’s ALMOST permanently gone.


I also enjoy packing Aubrey’s lunch each night.  Even if I’m exhausted, I find such pleasure in packing little treats for her to eat the next day.  I saw this Goodbyn box on instagram from another Bento Mommy and it’s perfect! My mom helped me find the silicone baking cups to use to sort out her food.  Each morning I pack that with a frozen pack in her lunch box and everything stays great until she eats.


Remember that cup of joe comment?  Well I found a new treat.  Our Keurig is still in storage while we are renting, but we have one at work.  I saw this Donut Shop Coconut Mocha and bought it because I thought I’d enjoy it like I enjoyed the Island Coconut from a few years back.  Well, I was right!  I make this, and add the Coffeemate Samoa Creamer and it’s a perfect match . Mmmm. Delicious!


What new treats have you enjoyed lately? Let me know! I always love discovering new things!


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