There she was… just walkin down the street

Sing it with me now..

Singing Do-wah-diddy diddy-dum diddy-do

And then her water broke. 

No not me. But I keep wondering, every day, when will it happen. And, will it even happen?  I know some of my friends had water break at home, some not until they were at the hospital.  But I wonder if I’ll be like Charlotte – out to lunch with an armload of shopping bags, and see my best friend’s ex and get mad and have my water break! Although honestly, I won’t really be seeing anyone’s exes because I don’t even know if I know any exes of my friends! 

I find my mind wandering off, thinking of all the hypothetical possibilities of where I will start feeling the first stirrings of labor.  I’m pretty sure it’s going to be so boring, it won’t even be worth sharing with Baby A.  I’ll probably just wake up and realize it’s time! But story telling is so much more entertaining when it’s embarrassing, or unexpected! Wouldn’t it be fun to have your water break at your favorite restaurant? You could always go back to that place and reminisce.  Or what about at the grocery store, and then tell your daughter how horrified you were when someone came on the loud speaker CLEAN UP IN PRODUCE. 

Or what if it’s more my style – and I am at home, crystalling a cake topper for a bride, and have it  break at my desk.  Which would be awesome because I’m in the need of a new chair. My cat, Butters, has eaten the entire front part of the fabric (and inside foam) and it’s a bit haggard looking.  

So if you’re pregnant now, do you find yourself daydreaming about all the whatifs on when labor will start? And for my mommy friends out there -did you do this when you were pregnant?  I’m 33 weeks. I don’t feel like anything will be going on anytime soon. But I know it will, eventually!


  1. Kristan Hinze says

    Or it could happen at Chick-fil-a on their opening weekend!! 😉 Just saying’ But trust me you will probably have many false alarms with your first. And later on, it will be a story to share with her. 🙂

  2. says

    I so worried where my water would break, but it never did. It finally broke when I was 8 cm & the nurse was checking me. I was disappointed cus I thought it’d be cool for H to be born in the caul. Oh well!

  3. says

    Hee hee I always thought it was going to happen at work and Id have to page my bosses cause I didn,t think they wer going to answer the phone… “Were gonna need a mop in here!”

    But no… I started feeling painful conttractions in bed at midnight. That was after a fun spontaneous date night. Hubs picked me up from work (he drove me when he could just in case!) and we went out to dinner at lonestar 🙂 I ate half of Hubs jalapeno even though I hate spicey food to try to get things going – I was 3 days late. Then we rented a movie, which was dumb cause we had to stop and return it on the way to the hospital!,

    Anyway to answe your question, the doctor broke my water in the hospital, which would have been very uncomfortable had I not gotten the epidu

    • says

      Ha ha totally ok for long comments! I don’t mind!! So dint about returning the movie on the way to the hospital. My aunt and uncle had to drop of their taxes on their way to the hospital for my cousin. So funny!

  4. Jen Lange says

    I haven’t started thinking about labor yet. Right now, I’m just thinking about what it will feel like and what I’ll be doing when I feel the baby for the first time. And then, what it will be like when Cody feels him for the first time.

    My mom had a great story though. She and my father were in a department store looking at cribs about 6 weeks before I was due. My mom really loved this fancy brass crib with a canopy or something, but it was like a million dollars. So, my dad quickly steered my mother in another direction, where they picked out my actual crib.

    Once they were done, my mom looked down at her stomach and said, “okay… you can come out now”. And then her water broke. Seriously! In the middle of the store.

    See how obedient I am? 🙂

    I hope I have a great story like my mom did… we’ll see.

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