The Waiting Game

**Keep posted here for updates on the long awaited and very much loved Baby A!!!**

3:01pm: I’m at a 10. Here we go!!

1:50pm: Well still hanging around. I am definitely feeling the contractions with the pressure like the past Braxton Hicks. They are strong and come on fast. But luckily with the epidural I don’t feel any pain!! The nurse also brought me some ice chips with cranberry juice poured on top. So yum. Oh and here’s my work station…gotta love technology!


12:42pm: Baby is making progress – scootin on down. Trying to nap but that’s nor too easy in a hospital.

11:42am: Almost lunch time. Everyone is snacking in the room. Accompanied by my mom, sis, and aunt. They’re enjoying chips, mine are of a different variety… I’m dilated to a 5 and will be checked every hour. Catheter has been inserted and cervix checks are so much more pleasant with this epidural!!!


10:30am: Epidural in!! Took a bit because I could feel it. Not too painful. But I’m in heaven.

9:07am: Pitocin drip started. Still haven’t been checked for dilation progress. Water seems to be trickling out with each contraction vs gushing with each one. Yay!


8:15am: wow. How has an hour passed?? I suppose it’s all this gushing of fluids that are coming out. Contractions are mild but I’m not used to the crampy pain. Jon keeps checking the monitor to see how tall the peaks are getting.

7:00am: Our doctor showed up and decided it was time to break the water. Holy Faucet!!!! It took a good 10-15 min before it stopped gushing.

6:45am: finally made it into a room – 1106. That’s your first temporary address!! And look, the sun is coming up!!


5:49am: well, while everyone is driving to work, here we are on the journey to you being born! Ps it’s really REALLY dark this time of morning.


4:07am: wow. It is too damn early. I slept ok but I still woke up at my usual midnight-ish time, hungry. So I made a quick pbj and headed back to bed. I tossed and turned most of the night an was actually awake when the alarm went off at 4am. This is really happening today. I am amazed. I was super emotional last night but managed to get some sleep.

Jon and I will be heading to the hospital tomorrow at 6am so we can start the inducing to get this show on the road!


  1. Megan Col贸n says

    Wow!!!!! I literally just wrote that right before I saw you’re update!! Yay…… Come on baby girl! 3:15 was my original thought this morning! Hehe

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