The Story Behind the D

You might have noticed in my weekly belly photos and now the weekly Aubrey photos, that D in the background.  When I was wedding planning, I had searched all sorts of magazines for inspirations for cool things to have, small details that could be easily completed to make our wedding more “us” without spending a ton of cash.  I found in a wedding mag a R that was made from beautiful dark purple flowers (no idea what kind, I’m not a florist).  I ripped that out so fast and KNEW I needed it at my wedding.  My dad has a sign shop, and I asked him to make me a D that we could use for the wedding.  He had my uncle create it out of sheet metal, and it was stuffed with styrofoam.  And then I  added tons of white fake flowers to make it pretty.  It was on our table during the sand ceremony, in front of the head table during the reception, and now in our home.  I like having this one piece that has been apart of each stage of our life.


Is there something in your home that you’ve incorporated for the different stages of your life? Leave a comment and let me know!


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