The Room {sushi bar} – Westwood, CA

While pregnant, I’m always craving what I can’t have. One main thing is sushi.  Cooked rolls don’t sound too appealing and most other items involved fresh fish and I typically skip that as a dinner option.  Ana teased many of the SoCal Lady Bloggers with a recent post regarding The Room sushi bar in Westood, CA and I commented how I was drooling on my desk at the time, and had a few more months to go.  Fast forward and soon I was meeting up with Ana, Elizabeth, and Erin for an early dinner before a blogging event.  And even though I couldn’t eat raw sushi, I ate some of the most delicious things and didn’t miss it one bit. (Ok, a lie. maybe a tiny bit).
The Room was opened by a few sushi chefs that all worked for different restaurants in Southern California (one came from Long Beach!) and decided to come together, open a spot of their own, and create their own very delicious menu.  The chefs took turns bringing us dishes and we all hurriedly snapped photos, put up on InstaGram, and then dove in.  I started getting many likes on the photos, as well as comments about how drool-worthy they were. And believe me, each one was spectacular.

The Room sushi bar - Edamame with jalapeno appetizer

First up was appetizers – the spicy edamame was so flavorful.  It’s cooked with jalapenos for a bit of heat, but the delicious garlic taste is also prevalent.  We had 2 bowls and we devoured them. Of course, in a very lady-like fashion.

The Room sushi bar - Vegetable Tempura

Veggie Tempura was also great – I only had one piece of carrot because I was surprised with my very own plate courtesy of one of the chefs. He said he made it since I can’t have some of the other upcoming items.

The Room sushi bar - Salmon Collar appetizer

The Salmon Collar appetizer was also delicious. I squeezed some lemon and it brought out the flavors. I was, surprised, by the fin with – but it’s all about the presentation!

The Room sushi bar - Albacore Sashimi

The Albacore Sashimi was gone pretty quickly. I had a small taste – it melted in your mouth.  The other ladies said it was just so incredible – so tender.
The Room sushi bar - not on the menu crab wrap

This was my special creation.  It had fresh crab inside, with carrots, some pickles, avocado, and some other things that made it just simply – yum.  I first offered it up to the other ladies, but honestly, I’m grateful they declined. I gobbled that up and would love to have it again!

The Room sushi bar - Vegetarian Roll

We were next treated by a vegetarian roll.  It had tofu inside, grilled eggplant on top (which gave such a great color to the overall presentation), avocado, cantaloupe, and an amazing sauce.  I could have eaten 4 of these.  I’ll even order this while not pregnant.

The Room sushi bar - BSC roll

The BSC – Baked Scallop California Roll – I’ve had at other restaurants. It’s not something I would normally order.  But The Room outdoes themselves with a delicious sauce on top and the fresh quality of the seafood made this so memorable. I ate 3 pieces. Whoops!
The Room sushi bar - Sexy Lady roll

The Sexy Lady roll contains shrimp tempura & jalapeno, wrapped with mango & topped with Sweet & spicy sauce.  Wow.  The jalapeno gave it just enough kick but it was quickly cooled with the sweetness of the mango.

The Room sushi bar - The Room Special roll

The Room Special Roll has spicy blue crab inside (but it’s really not spicy) with avocado, and then salmon, tuna, shrimp, more avocado, and sauce.  I had to sneak one piece of this too.  Ana said she’d wait for each of us to try it – because she wanted to see our reactions.  Reactions? Pure silence.  And that’s hard to come by with blogging, social women. We like to talk.  But for this – we were all quiet. We enjoyed it.


The Room sushi bar - octopus sushi

Last but not least was one of Ana’s favorite – Octopus Sushi.  i didn’t try this, but Ana loved it. She was so thrilled when they brought it to the table. Look at the great detail of the lemon wedge also!

The Room sushi bar - menu

As you can see, most of the rolls run around the same as any sushi bar.  But what sets The Room apart, in my opinion, is their combination of flavors, presentation, and how nice everyone is! What’s not photographed are the different iced teas they have – infused with fresh fruit.  I tried the mango green tea and peach green tea.  The peach was a tad less sweet than the mango, but both were quite refreshing.

If you’re anywhere near the Westwood area, I highly recommend making a trip.  There is plenty of street parking ($2 for 2 hours) and if you pay cash, you receive 20% off your bill!  That’s incredible! (some restrictions apply).  Please go visit!

The Room Sushi Bar
1884 Westwood Blvd, (Cross street: Missouri Ave.)
West Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 474-0462

Monday-Thursday: 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Friday-Saturday: 11 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.
Sunday: 12:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.


Just a quick note – the chefs were amazing and created this special assortment, but we did, in fact, purchase our meal 🙂

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