The Perfect Sprinkle Shower Gift

Right now, I’m in the midst of another baby boom.  It seems to come in waves with my friends and right now we are at the beginning of more squishy babies being born into our group.  Most of us are having #2 and are having a sprinkle – a small shower – to celebrate the upcoming bambino.  For the gifts, I wanted to do something more for the moms.  A few months ago I saw someone on Twitter talk about these awesome cups and I knew that when it came time for it, I wanted to share this gift with my mommy friends.

What is it you ask? I call it the Mommy Sippy Cup. But really, it’s called the Wine Sippy Cup.

Mommy Sippy Cups - Best Sprinkle Gift -

I purchased one for each of the pregnant mamas (including one for my friend Casey, who was pregnant with her first) and wanted to personalize them.  I contacted Crystal – with Shop Crystal Faye – to have her create monograms to stick on to each cup. So far 2 of the mommies have received theirs.  The rest will be getting them soon, but it’s already caught on what I’m doing. And they’re very excited. I see a lot of skype chats with us at home, exhausted, and with our sippy cups 🙂


Do you have a go to gift for baby showers? Are they for the mommy or the baby?


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