The New Nursery

Last summer, Jon and I worked on getting our office space converted into an Office/Nursery combo {with my desk items remaining}. As always, PLEASE excuse all the “before” images. A few months after Aubrey came into our lives, and her sleep schedule was amazing, I quickly realized what a problem it was to have my office IN the nursery. All the time I had to work, I couldn’t because she was sleeping in there. Finally we made the decision that we needed to move my office out of there. But where? Our house is only 2 bedrooms and only 900 sq feet. So, we had to do some brainstorming.

We went to our favorite shop for small places – Ikea. I had measured and remeasured the space that would become our new office, and found a few items that would fit perfectly. We added this office space in our living room – behind our couch. There was an entire wall just used for photo collages but there was so much space between the couch and this wall, we knew an office would work well. We swapped out our huge ottoman for a smaller one {thanks to our friends who just so happened to need a bigger one.} and we bought & assembled a 2×4 and a 4×4 Expedit case, as well as a simple desk. The space looks amazing.

Oh look, it’s a photobomb by Aubrey!

We also painted the wall to match the other one that is opposite it. And, so what did we do to the Nursery? Well, it took some time for us to actually be able to disassemble my desk, move out the furniture, and clean up the clutter. I had a lot of Bling Diva Designs stuff stored in the Expedit case in there, and it’s not exactly baby safe {power drill anyone?} But, I finally finished it up, and snapped some shots of the space.


Nursery (1)

 View from the doorway. Moved the nightstand over a bit to accommodate the 1 desk piece we couldn’t fit anywhere else.

Nursery (2)

 Aubrey loves this Peek-a-Boo Bunny…you’ll see…

Nursery (3)

 Behind her you’ll see a change to the Expedit. I pulled out all the loose bottom stuff and all the boxes have lids and they’re pretty heavy. The one bright pink box on the left contains more of her book library. She’s very cultured 🙂

Nursery (4)

 THIS is how much she loves the bunny. She was hugging and kissing it before I was able to grab these shots. She cracked Aubrey up!

Nursery (5)

A girl must still have a chandelier in her boudoir!

I’m really glad we have an entire space ready for Aubrey to play in.  It’s pretty empty now but I know that will change.  It’s great because with her video monitor I can work in the kitchen and keep an eye on her in there.  We also lowered her crib so she can’t squeeze under it (as easily as before).

Check back later to see what we are doing with the new office space!


  1. Maribel Reyes says

    I love this! the colors you choose are perfect for her to sleep and rest {I’ve read the benefits of certain colors in bedrooms ;)} I too have my workstation/computer in the living room. Our 2 bedroom home doesn’t allow for anywhere else to put it and even though the master bedroom has plenty of space for it we decided, for the same reasons {sleep} that it would be best in the living room.

    • says

      Ha ha I didn’t read into the plots when I picked it but glad its multi beneficial! We have a lot of stuff in our room. Jon’s computer, guitars and drum set had to go somewhere. Lol

  2. says

    Love the colors and the new arrangement of the space. She looks soooo happy to. Love it. Also, once we confirm we’re having a girl, I’m totally getting a chandelier for her room too. It’s a must! hehe

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