The Must-Haves and Good-to-Haves for Direct Sales

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I’ve been a small business owner for several years for several different types of business.  Each one relies more heavily on one set of supplies than the other.  My crystalling business was heavy on the Swarovski crystals, glue, and using 3rd party vendors to create each custom design.  My blogging business requires a computer, internet, and paid app subscriptions.  My Scentsy business relies on paper products and other small office equipment to keep the business going.

I’ve created this list with some must haves and good-to-haves depending on what business you’re in.  I’m always testing out new planners & pens so feel free to follow me on Instagram to see what might be new to me! (Instagram – @Bye_Wicks and @Melissa_Dell).

Must-Have Items for Your Direct Sales Business

1. A Planner – I prefer the Happy Planner  by Me and My Big Ideas.

Happy Planner by Me and My Big Ideas

I’ve had the classic but I purchased the large one this year.  It’s 8.5×11 paper size and provides a ton of space to write in my to-do’s and social media planning.

The Happy Planner for Direct Sales

There’s also some space to create lists or goal planning at the start of each month.  I’ve been modifying mine to reflect some of the big goals from my PowerSheets.


365 Happy Planner Accessories

2. A Printer – I prefer the HP Compact All-in-One I received at Blogher 2 years ago. Last year? I can’t recall.


I do a LOT of printing because labeling all-the-things is a necessity with my consumable goods business.  I’ve recently been creating and saving tons of labels on for easy reprinting.

Avery Custom Labels for Direct Sales


3. All The Pens

colorful pens for planners

I love me some amazing awesome colorful pens to use for my planner, notes to customers, and PowerSheets.  Here’s the 3 I have stored by my desk in constant reach



Good-to-Have Items for Your Direct Sales Business

The items listed here are things to potentially save up for and use as an aid to build your empire.

1. PowerSheets Goal Planner

PowerSheets Goal Planner

You’ve seen me share my love of the PowerSheets on Instagram and Facebook and here on the blog.   The new ones launch in October and they have been such an important aspect of my monthly goals.  It won’t make you achieve the goals – but it will help you identify the big ones, and help you break down and create smaller goals to obtain it without that feeling of being overwhelmed.  Definitely find yourself a Sideline Sister or some sort of Accountability partner to check in on you!

2. Cricut – DIY Explosion

cricut diy projects

What do I use my cricut for?  I’ve been using it to brand myself through the Heat Transfer Vinyl and plain tops, creating custom thank you notecards for my customers, and stickers for my Yeti and other travel mugs.


  • Heat Transfer Vinyl (iron-on) by Siser Easyweed
  • Permanent Vinyl (for stickers) by Oracal.  (there’s also a semi-permanent vinyl but I recommend this especially for anything that you’ll be washing)
  • Swing Dress – Purchased this and love it. Thinner fabric, but I’ve been wearing it as a coverup for the pool. I’ll be trying out this one next!

3. Point And Shoot – I love this Canon G7X Powershot

I use this camera a lot. In fact almost every photo for my blog has moved from my large DSLR to this portable point and shoot.  I use it to record YouTube vidoes, traditional photos and the quality is amazing. It’s a Nice to Have and if you are wanting to dive into video – it’s pretty much a must have!


Thank you so much for following along! If you have any questions – please feel free to send me a message on Instagram!

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