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The Honest Company started off as a thought between a mom and dad and has turned into a fabulous company offering great, safe products for the whole family! Not sure if you’re aware, but we were told by our pediatrician that sunscreen couldn’t be used on Aubrey until she was older than 6 months. Luckily she was a fall baby but what about all the spring babies? The Honest Company has a solution!

Honest Sunscreen: Our broad spectrum sunscreen is an excellent option for parents who want to stop exposing their children to the high levels of harmful petrochemicals found in conventional, mass-market sunscreens. It’s made from fragrance free, all natural (non-chemically based) ingredients, including zinc oxide which is the only sunscreen active ingredient approved for use on children under 6 months of age.

The Honest Company also has an entire line of cleaning products. I am all for “all in one” style products and they have one for around the home

Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner: This advanced plant-based cleaner is great at eliminating dirt, grime, and tiny fingerprints without leaving behind a toxic residue, making it prefect for cleaning kitchen countertops, bathroom fixtures, high chairs, toys, and more!

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I just received my free sample of some of their Essential Kit items. I’ll be testing them out and reporting back!

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