The Drug Store Face

Now, if you skimmed that title really fast you might think I’m talking about drugs. WRONG! Drug store face is referring to makeup from a drug store! Even though I really mean like the Walmart/Target/CVS type of stores.  I’ve gone through different stages of my life wearing makeup from different places.  In jr high it was stuff purchased from Longs Drugs and the infamous mineral “true colors” makeup.   Then moved on to MAC makeup. I loved their pressed powder and the wide range of colors and also styles (matte, frost, sparkle, etc).  But, then a friend who’d buy it with a discount stopped doing so and back to whatever I felt like spending money on.

I’m sure you’ve gone through the same pattern but also held on to one staple that you had to buy.  But it seems as if some of the drug store brands have really stepped up their game.  My sister-in-law told me how Hard Candy came out with a line that was being sold at Walmart and their bronzer and blush was amazing.  It took me a bit to check it out. And the first time I went, they only had the blush. Loved it! But then I dropped it and that was the end of it 🙁  So I made it back there earlier this week and this time they had the bronzer, but not the blush. I needed blush! So I went through the different brands and found one in a similar shade to the Smashbox color I had used up.  So, I present to you, this post. My “drug store face.”  There were 2 non-drug store purchases that I used. My concealor stick (Benefit’s Play Sticks) and also a gift set I bought from Sephora of Korres Eyeliners. It was a 10-pack for $32 and each one normally retails or $16!  Definitely stalk Sephora’s site for great deals like that! Ok, so now for pics.


(good lord why am I sharing with the interwebs my no-makeup face. I thought pregnancy is supposed to bring glorious skin???)



So here’s a rundown of what’s on my face:

Benefit pick up sticks foundation
Physicians formula mineral wear loose powder
Hard candy so baked bronzer
Hard candy kal-eye-descope baked eye shadow duo – secret rendezvous
Korres eyeliner (10 gift set $32.50 – $160 value)
L’oreal true match blush
Covergirl lashblast length

Not bad, huh?  I think it’s always a great thing to invest in an awesome concealor (mine is great for on the spot, and all over coverage) and some great tools (brushes – all of mine are either MAC or Trucco).

What’s on your face? Are you designer or drug-store??


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    Seriously, I have been using Cover Girl since I started wearing makeup. I have never been much of a face makeup wearer other than speacial occasions or big nights out. Luckily I don’t have too many issues with my skin, otherwise I’m sure I would have gone a different route by now.

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    I LOVE this!!! I personally don’t wear a lot of concealer… but the stuff you used looks AWESOME!! I use smashbox eyeshadow and covergirl lashblast mascara every day. 🙂

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