The Day Designer at Target

The Day Designer At Target | Whitney English

As you know, I’m a planner junkie.  I’ve written about the MomAgenda, the Martha Stewart at Staples, Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner, and I have a new one for you!  Now, you might think that this planner hopping means I’m dissatisfied and can’t find the holy grail of planners.  But that’s just not true.  My life is constantly changing, and my needs are as well.  This upcoming year (well, July), I actually will be using Emily Ley’s Weekly Simplified Planner for personal use as I’ve discovered that the Daily offers too much space and I don’t have enough to fill it.  I also use a separate planner to track my blog financials & posts, as well as clients for Social Elements Media.


A planner I’ve been looking at with curiosity is The Day Designer by Whitney English. (Side note – her full collection for the 2015-2016 year comes out Wednesday July 15th!)  With my purchase of the Simplified Planner, I couldn’t justify the cost to satisfy my curiosity.  After seeing some posts on Instagram, I realized she was coming out with a collaboration with  Blue Sky to land her planners in Target!  I initially purchased her Daily because I forgot what kind I went in to look at. I blame the pretty colors & patterns and the girly detailing.  So I went back and grabbed a huge assortment to go over with you! Enjoy!

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