Thankful Thursday

Candice from The New Modern Momma told me to join up this week. So heck, why not?

Thankful Thursday - - January 31st

This little ray of sunshine. She doesn’t dress herself yet, but I like that I can do polka on polka and she is happy as a clam. She’s trying to figure out how exactly to zip up her sweatshirt. Stop growing up so fast little one!

Thankful Thursday - - January 31st 2

This was from a birthday party this past weekend. She was quite the angel and loved seeing her walk around and try to play with the other babies & kids. She’s not shy and I love that!

Thankful Thursday - - January 31st 3

Thankful for her Grammie that loves her so much, and is such a huge help with providing care for her during the week while I work. They have lots of fun and she’s usually exhausted by time I pick her up.

Thankful Thursday - - January 31st 4

Thankful for her Manna who also loves keeping her happy, dancing to her Zumba music and getting to chase around their dog, Little Bear.  She loves spending afternoons with Aubrey too! And we are forever thankful (and grateful!)


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    Look at all those sharing buttons! 🙂 Thanks for linking up with us. I love this post each week because sometimes we get so busy we forget about all the little things we are thankful for! I am thankful that you are my bloggy friend! XO

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