Tasty Treats – Chicken, Broccoli & Taters {Dinner}

Every now and then, I like to try out some sort of new recipe. But, I am usually pretty bad with thinking up this idea ahead of time. I come home from work and make a mad scramble to prepare SOMETHING and it’s usually a menu that we’ve had over and over again.  Not always a bad thing.

I had posted on Facebook asking for tips on meal planning – as I’m hoping it will help lower our spend on that each month, as we’re working really hard to save as much money as possible to have for our new house in 2014.  Mia mentioned Frugal Foodie Family and I spent some time going through her site. One of the dishes (well, sides) was the garlic roasted broccoli. I was heading to the store anyways, and decided to pick up the items needed. I had already taken chicken out before I went to work, so on the way home I thought out the rest of the menu.


I bought plain yogurt and added in some cumin, garlic powder, onion granules, and pepper then coated each chicken breast with it. Then I dipped them in panko breadcrumbs. Panko breadcrumbs are seriously so much better than regular breadcrumbs for some meals!  I made the broccoli according to the recipe, although I forgot to buy fresh garlic at the store {damn pregnancy brain} and just used more garlic powder.  The mashed taters were the instant ones that come in a bag. They’re typically on sale for under $1.50 and they are SO GOOD. I am a huge fan.

I loved it. Aubrey loved the chicken and taters, but hated the broccoli. I think I cooked them too long.  You see, I preheated the oven like the recipe said, but decided to share the huge baking sheet with the chicken. And, well, that takes longer to bake. Or maybe it doesn’t. I’m always terrified we’ll end up with raw chicken {barf}.  So by time everything was pulled out from the oven {about 30 minutes} the broccoli shrunk tremendously and dried up a lot. I think I put too little olive oil and too much lemon juice when coating them after. Jon said his eyes were watering. I was fine. Maybe pregnancy makes your taste buds like tart things?

So, a great meal and adding it into the rotation when I start officially meal planning! Do you have a board you use, or a binder? Feel free to leave a comment with your post or idea. And it does make it easier, right, to plan ahead?



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    Sounds super yummy! I have no meal planning tips for you since I am the WORST in the world at that. Pregnancy hasn’t helped with that since my food aversions are so inconsistent. I do plan to start planning once this kid is out tho. We’ll see how it goes.

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