Target Pharmacy -Get More from My Favorite Store

sponsored_post-01Target Pharmacy -Get More from My Favorite Store

Once upon a time, I was filling regular prescriptions to try and get pregnant.  I was on a community board and there was chatter about where to get the best deal on the prescriptions.  At the time, I was spending over $20 each month. Not knowing how long it would continue on, I was ready for some way to save money.  Target Pharmacy was one of the mentions with $4 generic prescriptions. Say what??? I transferred my prescription and was so happy to see that they DID have $4 prescriptions! I was so excited and shared with Jon as soon as I got home.

Fast forward to now. While before I was looking for money saving measures, now I am looking for time saving measures.  Target has become my everything store. Diapers, clothing, paper towels, birthday gifts, the list goes on and on.  Having the pharmacy right there amongst the beauty aisle (another perk!) is an easy way I can save time and not shuttle around to another spot to pick up my prescription. And while Luke and Aubrey have not had problems taking medication orally, I love that they have options to flavor the medications in 19 varieties.  NINETEEN? And in case you’re wondering what’s in them, they are sugar free, gluten free, dye free, casein free and non-allergenic.  Awesome!

Target Pharmacy -Get More from My Favorite Store


If you have multiple people in your family on different prescriptions – Target Pharmacy offers colored rings to help keep track of whom gets what.  And if you store medications like we do in a bin, medications also feature a label DIRECTLY on top to easily identify what is in there.  I wish all things came that easily!

Seems like everything I need to get done in a day is at Target.   Now only if they can have a dry cleaners in there. hmmmmm.

And if we really need another reason to love Target – they’re offering a $50 gift card to one lucky winner! Enter for your chance to win below with the Rafflecopter giveaway! Entries end Thursday June 19th at 11:45pm pacific time.  Winner will be contacted via email and will receive from Target affiliate and not through MelissaDell. (Open to US residents only) Good luck!!

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  1. Jessica Shickle says

    Target is beyond my favorite store to shop. From diapers, to milk and bananas and needing a Starbucks to drink while I shop to manage my two year old toddler, why shop anywhere else when it’s all under one roof?! Thank you Target for meeting this mothers weekly and even sometimes daily needs!

  2. CT says

    Target is always so brightly lit and clean. I can get shopping energy with quality food counter choices before I begin and do most of my food shopping & trendy clothes or accessories at amazing deals. So convenient.

  3. says

    Target is also my everything store!! I can buy my groceries, great clothes, shoes, drugs, vitamins, makeup, wine…almost anything, there. Like you, its MY store!!! 😉

  4. Heather says

    I heart Target…but I also hate it. I can’t get out of there without spending at least $150. Very, very tricky!

  5. Maria says

    I loveTarget! I literally go there a couple times a week. And of course I never get out without spending at least $100. Love the great finds in the clothing and accessories. And the dollar spot!

  6. Debra S says

    I get 5% off their already good prices with their Red Card. Love it.. folks you do not have to use as a credit card, but a debit, you are not charging things!!! Plus, when you use the red card online, you get free shipping. Talk about SO nice to use all year for those presents!

  7. Mary Beth Elderton says

    The sales–I just shopped Target this morning and found so many and great prices!

  8. Kay says

    I like everything about Target. I don’t grocery shop there, but I buy almost everything else there. I like the new promotions they’re doing (at least in my area) where if you spend a certain amount on certain things, you get a Target gift card. Great savings overall!

  9. Angela Kinder says

    I definitely love their bedding section! I could spend a small fortune there, making my bed perty!

  10. ELIZABETH C. says

    I like the variety of products. Whether I need cosmetics, medication or food, it’s all in Target.

  11. stacy says

    I love their prices, I love the way the store is laid out, I love that it isn’t blindingly bright inside, and I love all of the neat things that I can find there that I cannot find anywhere else. I buy almost all of my movies, CDs, and books there because they almost always have bonus content.

  12. Julie says

    I like their clothes for women and kids. They also carry sparkle glitter shoes for little girls . Awesome.

  13. Daniella says

    Target is the closest “grocery” store to us so I’m in there at least once a week. Love stopping in for whatever I need last minute.

  14. Amber Ostrer says

    I like Target because I feel like I can get so many things at reasonable prices and they have a really wide selection

  15. saminder gumer says

    the best thing about target is that they are a one stop shop and i can get what ever i need at great prices there.

  16. Katie Rose says

    How close by it is with nearly everything I could need quickly whether it be a bit of groceries or a new bathing suit.

  17. Tammie Venne says

    I like that the stores are always clean and organized, they have a great selection of products and at a great price

  18. Tabathia B says

    I love their selection of toiletries for the family, clothing for my 4 yo daughter and they always have the newest selection of books in stock

  19. brittany says

    I love targets clothes. I also love how they have food and other stuff there. I love how big the store is

  20. Sandra Gray says

    The best thing about Target is it is so neat and well laid out. I also love that they have food now and our local Targets even have fresh produce.

  21. Melissa says

    Love love target! That is where I go to get all my essentials, maybe I should switch my rx’s there too!


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