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This past week has been an absolute whirlwind.  I’m a planner by nature but this move got the best of me.  I had people showing up for appointments when I thought they’d be coming the next day.  And each night I had boxes to confront once the kids were in bed.  But I didn’t want the kids’ lives to be consumed by this move. I tried really hard to keep things normal, despite many of their toys missing and books packed up.  I had to get creative. And ever since Aubrey turned three, and she got a special pampering with a hair trim & blow out, one of her new favorite hair styles is a special blow out before bed time.  So before bed one night, I asked her if she wanted a special treat with the new blow dryer I bought at Walmart earlier that day – of course she said yes.


See that little guy in the background in the crib?  He wanted his own blow out but there’s not much left to do since Daddy went and got him a hair cut while I was out of town.  I’ve only used Conair dryers for as long as I can remember.  Want to know why? I have tried other brands, but their buttons are in the spot of where your fingers go, and I was constantly shutting it off while trying to dry my hair.  This new Conair Pro 3Q is also super quiet and I was able to chat with Aubrey a bit.  Sometimes with my other Conair model she covers her ears while she waits for me in the bathroom in the mornings.

Ok, so you know how ever since I cut my hair super short I’ve been trying different methods to curl my hair? I have tried a curling wand, a traditional curling iron, and a flat iron.  I’ve never been super impressed with any one method.  I got another super fun tool- Conair Curl Secret.  This thing is so friggin cool.  Even with my short hair, I can add curl & wave easily with perfectly timed 8 or 10 second curls!


After our move, I have barely spent any time at home.  My mom has moved in with us (story for another day) and Saturday was spent getting her previous place completely empty.  By time Sunday rolled around, I knew I needed to spend some time with the kids.  Aubrey’s room is still not 100% unpacked, but she has access to all her  books.  That afternoon, while Luke was still asleep, she had pulled out one of the funniest books and we spent some time reading together.




The book is called Good  Thing You’re Not An Octopus.  Funny spin on when your kid doesn’t want to do anything (brush teeth, get dressed, eat food, bathe…).  Anyways, my hair there was curled in about 10 minutes.  I’ve been using it a few times since I bought it and my mom wants me to try on her hair too.  It’s super simple to use and with 2 different heat settings and 3 timed curl options, you can get super curly or softer waves.  I made this YouTube video to show you.  I’m slightly geeking out with how awesome the light is in our master bathroom.  And the soft  gray walls provides a perfect backdrop!

Aubrey grabbed my phone to watch that video during dinner. And she kept saying You’re in this video! Ha ha, kids – so easily amused!  If you want to see other really awesome looks, check out the #HeartMyHair hashtag on Instagram!  Some of the ladies make me wish I had my long hair back, but I’m enjoying the discovery of different style methods with my do!

Conair Curl Secret #HeartMyHair

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