Things I Dig {fall edition}

Disclosure: I received some of the products below for free in exchange for mention on my site. But my opinion is always honest!   It's that time again! Another round-up of things I dig! As you know, I'm on Twitter a lot.  I also post a lot on Instagram.  And sometimes it brings welcomed perks!  Influenster is a company that helps brings brands and influencers together. Every now and then I receive an email offer to sign up for a box.  This one is titled the #RoseVoxBox and I was really pleased with its contents.  I still have some things to use, but I LOVED the BelVita breakfast … [Read more...]

Things I Dig {5th edition}

It's time for .... Things I Dig!!! The first official waffle I made was red velvet. It was good! I used their drizzle sauce (vanilla bean) But next time I think I might just do the powdered sugar/milk mixture. And we also made Cinnamon Roll Waffles too!   I realized that we had vanilla bean ice cream one {freezing cold} night and decided to make a root beer float. I also got fancy and used a small mason jar for it. It was amazing. But, I was so cold after I think I might wait till spring to have another.   I got this awesome coffee tumbler from my mom for Christmas. … [Read more...]

Things I Dig {4th edition}

If you're ever really wondering what I'm currently digging, you don't have to look far.  My Instagram feed usually will give you a slight hint.  But every now and then I like to get all formal on you and draft a post that goes beyond just a photo and a few words to describe.  So, I present to you the 4th edition of Things I Dig!   Popcornopolis Zebra Popcorn.  This stuff is amazingly addictive. The sticker warning doesn't lie.  And it's not on every one of their flavors.  It's caramel corn, covered in white & dark chocolate.  The mix is  It's available online and I … [Read more...]

Julep Maven

The latest trend seems to be monthly subscriptions to anything - there's clothing, makeup, shoes, even diapers for baby.  But there's a reason why I've never signed up for one - what if I don't want the items??? There's a new answer to this {and, coincidentally, feeds my nail polish addiction}.  Let me tell you about Julep Maven.  It's a monthly subscription - a little pricier than most, BUT the main difference is each month they email you with what will be in the box.  If you want it, you just sit and wait for it. Don't want it? You can skip the month, skip the payment, and wait for the next … [Read more...]

In love

I posted a bit ago about the deal Erin Condren was having ($50 for $25). So I finally purchased my items (I bought two since you could use 2 in one transaction). I bought something for me and something for my sister. I bought her the Life planner because first, I think she needs it. Girlfriend always has a ton going on. And second, I wanted to see one in person to scope it out as a potential planner for my 2013 one. So the box came today and can we say HELLO BRANDING!!! I am a girl who loves details and this, my friend, is detail done right. I wish I could do something like this for … [Read more...]

Erin Condren on Plum District

I'm not sure when all of those discounted sites started popping up, but there are so many, and some are good and some are meh. I have purchased from a few sites before (zulily, baby steals, and living social) and I heard about a new one last fall - Plum District. I check every now and then for local deals, but also national ones (basically for online shops). Today's deal (and for the next few days) is awesome!!! What's Erin Condren sell? What don't they sell. There's Life Planners, notebooks, invitations, lucite serving trays, iPhone cases, wrapping paper, stickers.... There's so … [Read more...]