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Last Mother’s Day, Jon got a gift for Aubrey and I – swim play lessons at our local pool.  Aubrey was just about 6 months old and she did pretty well. She seemed to enjoy it, although she hated going under water.  When I realized I would be on maternity leave during the month of June, I waited patiently for our City’s schedule to come out and see if there was swim play lessons again. And yay – there was!  I picked a time slot that was after breakfast, but before lunch.  My plan was to get her good and tired, come home, eat lunch and have her pass out for a good long nap.

Each class is only 30 minutes, and there’s more emphasis on the play than the swim part.  The class is for babies up to 36 months.  She did better with going under and she passed out in the car on the way home from the first class.  But it was just after our Father’s day weekend where we had a beach trip Saturday with a 45 min nap and a no nap ON Father’s day.  For her second class, her Grammie (my mom) came to take some photos and some video.  We had fun and Aubrey is definitely a water baby 🙂


Pulling up looking dazed and confused. Or I just caught her at an awkward time.  Notice the cell phone in her lap? She’s so her mother’s child 🙂


Oh look at the prego in the pool!  For this class, they had us sit on the edge and drop in the pool.  Then lift the kids in. Um, ya my 9 month prego-butt could not just drop in.  I had to have the lifeguard help me 🙂IMG_4632

Practicing her kick kick kicksIMG_4633

I said kick child!IMG_4634

Kick and enjoy it! There’s a smile!IMG_4641Giving Grammie one of her toys to play with.

And now for your enjoyment – a cute video of her going under water! Last year she’d scream and cry when she came up. Now she doesn’t and is better at holding her breath 🙂

If you can, check to see what classes your city offers! This 4 session play class is $21 and each class is about 35 minutes long.


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    LOL – I love your photo captions! Cute video – glad to see babies/small children learning how to swim. I think swim lessons should be mandatory given that this is So Cal! (I would really NOT want to teach an adult to swim – they’d be too much in their heads.)

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    How cute!!! I wanted to take my daughter to swim classes, but I got pregnant so soon after and the timing was all oft! Now I still can’t because they’re so close in age, I can’t have two kids in the pool with me. Your daughter looks so happy in the pool!

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